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Painting Competitions 2014: Monthly Themes in First Post - Enter on last page.

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Sigmar's Blood (January)
Priests of all rank, Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Knightly orders of Sigmar, War Altars, Flagellants
Scenery - Shrines, temples, cathedrals!

Shallya's Blessing (February)
Priests, or followers of Shallya, Hospitalier Templars.
Lore of Light - Light College Wizard, Luminark
Troop, or units with White in the uniform - Talabheim, Ostland, Middenheim, Reikland and so on
Scenery - Hospital

Myrmidia's Wrath (March)
Warrior Priests, or followers of Myrmidia, Knights of the Blazing Sun, and other orders of Myrmidia
Lore of Fire - Bright College Wizards, Wizard Wagon conversion
Troop, or units with Red in the uniform - Talabheim, Altdorf, Hochland and so on
Scenery - Statues, fire, fortifications, fortress

Taal's Fury (April)
Priests of Taal, Huntsmen, Knights of Taal orders, Demigryph knights, outriders
Lore of Beasts - Amber College Wizards, beasts, monsters, wizards on monsters
Troop, or units from Talabheim, or Talabecland, or rural states - Wissenland, Stirland(I've not got any pressing need to paint Talabheimers if that's what you're thinking)
Scenery - stakes, woods, traps, cages for beasts

Verena's Revenge (May)
Priests of Verena, Travelling Judges and retinue, Templar orders
Lore of Metal - Gold College Wizards, but related College of Engineers - war machines
Troop, or units with Yellow in the uniform - Talabecland, Ostermark, Stirland, Nordland, Marienburg
Scenery - Furnace, Forge, or Verena themed - Gallows etc

Rhya's Bounty (June)
Priests of Rhya, Rural Folk - huntsmen, outriders
Lore of Life - Jade College wizard - hmm. 
Troop, or units with Green in the uniform - Stirland, Hochland
Scenery - Farmland, Hedges, Trees, Cottage, Barn

Manaan's Herald (July)
Priests, of Manaan, Marienburgers, Landship, Ships, templars of manaan, sailors, River patrol
Lore of Heavens - celestial College - Wizards, Hurricanium
Troop, or units with Blue in the uniform - Nordland, Altdorf, Middenheim, Middenland, Marienburg
Scenery - Bridges, Rivers

Morr's Peace (August)
Priests of Morr, Knights/Templars of Morr, Witch hunters, vampire hunters, flagellants
Lore of Death - Amethyst College - Wizards etc
Troop, or units with Purple, or Black - Ostermark, Ostland, Nuln

Ranald's Mischief (September)
Tricksters, citizens, sneaks, thieves, witch hunters, merchants
Lore of Shadows - Wizards
Troop, or units with Grey, Black or White - Wissenland, Nuln, Reikland, Ostland, Talabheim
Scenery - Inn, Tavern, Houses

Ulric's Thunder (October)
Warrior Priests of Ulric, Knights of the White Wolf, War Altar
Winter - snow bases, Kislev allies, Ice mages
Troop or units of the northern states - Middenland, Middenheim, Nordland, Ostland
Scenery - Ulric themed, fortifications, fortress

Noble's Birthright (November)
Electors, Grandmasters, Generals, Carriages, Pistoliers, Reiksguard
High rank wizards and priests - wagons
They have the money to spend on war machines
Scenery - Manor house, Tall townhouse, palace

Sigmar's Heirs (December)

 - As all folk of The Empire are Sigmar's Heirs, so this is a completely open category

You may enter the competition by posting your entry in this thread (at the latest on the last day of the themes' month), no other posts, there is a topic in the B&P where you can do that.

Ok, nothing in 2013 but first out 2014 then with this Sister of Sigmar


Painted by G:
Grombrindal White Dwarf Witch Hunter

Painted for my Averland Army. Done more Dwarfs for it than men!

Wow, nice miniatures so far. Here's my effort for this month:

I did say I'd enter every month, not win every month!  :wink:

Hmm.. I throw in this Sister too.

She's actually painted this year   (even though she should have been last year  :icon_redface: )



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