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Captain Dob Van Dwi:
You walk behind Master Hasarian. The metal decking of the docking bay rings as you walk.


A massive, sprawling void port of gigantic stone asteroids bound together by ornate bridges, flexible tunnels, and chains the size of voidships, all centred around a macrostatue of the most holy that stand kilometers high.  This statue, placed by Footfall's founder, the Rogue Trader Parsimus Derwin, looks out sadly over a morass of vice, degradation, perversion, sedition, mutation, and heresy.

The floating agglomeration of Footfall is situated just rimward of The Maw, transfixed in the hellish glare of the star Furibundus.

It was in this hellish glare that you and your ship Holy Venture, a Sword class, were nearly turned to dust by Footfall's trigger-happy gunners. However the mear mention of Hasarian's name abruptly ended the bombardment. You little of you new master at the moment.

However you know that he is imposing. The black beard, the heavy xeno fur pelt, even the way he walks. "A refined barbarian" A crew mate put it.

You can tell that beneath the braided moustache that the man is smirking. Hes Happy to be here!

Unlike you. This is the first time on the massive void station of rock and chain. A floating settlement of scum.

As you reach one of the great airlocks that serve at the entrances to Footfall, Hasarian smiles.

"Brace yourselves" he says

With an angry burst of venting gases, the armoured airlock portal swings outwards. As the swirling miasma clears, a thousand sights, sounds and smells assault your senses simultaneously. Stepping through, you find yourself in a huge, vaulted space, the walls made of roughly-hewn stone dripping with the corruption of ages.

This is the Footfall longshore, and it is crowded with hundreds of void-farers, labourers, servitors, merchants, and scum—all swearing, grunting or calling out the values of their wares. If you expected a welcoming party, you’re disappointed— this is Footfall, where money and blood are the only currency.

Hasarian takes a deep sniff of air.

"AH! You smell that lads? That, is the smell of progress!" he says spreading is arms wide as if to take it all in "That is the smell of the boundaries of the Imperium spreading!"

He turns back to you, so you can talk face to face.

"I never tire of visiting this place. Is it not glorious?" he asks

Player prompt: now would be a good time to ask about why Hasarian like Footfall, or why it is so important or even just to take it all in.

Jace followed, regarding the surroundings with distate. Before disembarking he had wrapped his scarf around his head, concealing the third eye which would otherwise draw unwanted attention. But now, looking out over the unwashed masses, he doubted if anyone would understand its significance, or whether he would actually stand out among the myriad minor mutations. Indeed, it seemed their boisterous captain was taking up the spotlight, drawing the eyes of onlookers away from his retinue.

'To each their own, I suppose,' Jace replies absently, making no effort to hide the aversion in his tone. 'The fragrance notwithstanding, did you have a practical purpose in mind for our visit here?'

[OoC: Making an Awareness check to notice any potential pickpockets]

Looking around Desmond can't help but grin.

"Ignoring the rather pungent scent, this place is fascinating. Think of what must pass through a place like this. Artifacts, cash, profit of a million different kinds."

Desmond occasionally taps his pocket to make sure his data slate hasn't gone missing, and keeps a watchful eye. In particular he's looking for anyone that might make a good contact in the future. Either for business or information. The swell, and indeed smell, of humanity is powerful.

"That said I'm as curious as the Navigator." He adds. "Do you have a goal in mind here bossman? Or are we just visiting a favorite port?"

[OoC: I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing it right, but can I do a Common Lore/Underworld check for some information on Footfall?]

Captain Dob Van Dwi:
(OOC @DS: lets see if I recall hot to do this, AW check- 55-fail...)

Footfalls pickpockets seem to be quite today...

(OOC @Gankom: +10 underworld check- 86 super fail! :P)

Your brain has been working overtime of late. It seems this stress has clouded your memory some what... you could all ways ask Hasarian

"Indeed!" Hasarian says happily "In fact here come's our little friends now!"

You spot to Servo skulls floating over. One as a pict-projector built in too it eye sockets, while the other seem to be carrying a dispenser of smone kind.

The projector skull hovers before you.

Suddenly it's eye flashes to life...

The static-filled image resolves into a monstrous brute, a vaguely man-shaped creature consisting almost entirely of exquisitely crafted bionic augmentations. Even his face has been re-crafted into a stylised death’s head of chased silver, though the eyes remain disturbingly human. When he speaks, however, his voice is surprisingly soft.

“Greetings, honoured Rogue Trader Hasarian and crew. My name is Tanthus Moross, Liege of Footfall, and it gives me pleasure to welcome
you here, amongst so many of your august peers. If you so desire, would you honour the nobility of Footfall with your
presence at a small celebratory meal tonight?” 

Hasarian nods his head

"I would be honoured, My Liege" He says

"Very good" Moross says "You and your crew members will need these passes" he says

The Dispenser skull floats forward and gives you each a square token of blank, blue-black metal

"You will need these to enter the palace" Moross says "Fare well"

With that the image flickers out and the servo skulls float away.

"And there you have it my friends" Hasarian says "It may sound like a waste of time but when I heard that His Liege was holding a dinner I could not turn down the change to eavesdrop on the local nobility!"

Hasarian suddenly turns serious.

"I think something very inauspicious is about to happen soon" he says "I need to be sure, hence why we are here"

Suddenly Hasarian is boisterous once again

"But no need to worry about that right now" he says smiling "the Dinner is at least 6 hours away"

He turns way looking over his shoulder at you

"But come" He says "I know this fantastic Amasec bar not far from here!"

You follow Hasarian for a few minutes.

As you reach the the to the Amasec Bar you can't help but feel someone is watching you... 

Player prompt: Two things may be done- Try to reassure yourself that no one is there (WP check) or scan the crowd to be sure (AW Check)

Filthy. Vulgar. Overcrowded. That was all Jace could think of as he followed his captain, clutching the token he kept hidden in his pocket. They actually had to push their way past the crowd at times; none would clear a path for them, as if they were equals somehow. The navigator had half a mind to remove his scarf and carve a way through- wait, what was that?

[OoC: Another Awareness test for me then, followed by a Psyniscience test if I don't find anything.]


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