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Here's one ...

I like the looks of those, but not enough to purchase (too many other figures I'm painting currently).

They do seem to be growing their line of figures, and have offered some of their other sets as part of this Kickstarter.

Forgot I started this thread and so ... here is a link to the Endor inspired MDF buildings ...

Not sure I like the human figures here, but the Reptos look cool ...

Hmm I like most of them but I have a few things that bug me. I'm not fond of the humans weird triangle back packs and everyone seems to have really long legs, although that might just be the pictures.

I do kind of like the jeeps, and the humans general look reminds me of Halo ODST that I've always liked. I might get in on the kick starter for a few squads of infantry and a jeep. The aliens are pretty good, but other then as some home brewed pirate or Tau I don't have a use for them.

Back packs are ok, legs bugged me on the one figure in the comparison photo, and quality of figures once molded isn't looking as good as the pictures, although that's not surprising.  I do like the bikes and jeip, and they've already got past the stretch goal for the medivac jeip as well.  I probably would not use these for 40K, and instead some other skirmish style sci-fi rules.

I definitely want in on the Repto figures, and the length of legs doesn't matter to me with those.  Having 10 of them, they could be used for a Tau squad.  It seems a person can pledge for one figure, yet buy 10 of them which then makes the total pledge at 50 pounds.

Apparently with this doing well he is going to do more.


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