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The concept for this board is anything with a historical tag, or 'non-magic' if you wish.

Such rules sets as Kings of War Historical, Warhammer Historical, Pike & Shotte, Clash of Empires, L'Art De La Guerre, War & Conquest, Black Powder, and even Hail Caesar all could find uses for Empire troops.

Then there are also an increasing number of excellent smaller scale games around now., which would fit the 'historical' label.
Things like Saga, Lion Rampant, The Pikeman's Lament, Legends of the High Seas, Legends of the old West, Ronin, Test of Honour, 

Again us Empire players will probably already have loads of minis that can easily be drafted or seconded to small game duty.

However there may be some confusion here as to whether some games should be discussed on this board or on the Skirmish & Warband Board.
We will keep an eye on how this develops.

Please ensure that you include the game name/system in the thread title to help members see what is under discussion.


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