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Uploading Photos?

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Folks ... what are the ways to upload photos to this site?

At one time I used photo bucket, but I hear tell it costs money to store them there.

What else can and are folks doing :icon_question:

Fidelis von Sigmaringen:
I used to use photobucket too, but I have switched to imgur.

I go back and forth between imgur, flickr and photobucket still.

imgur and i stay away from photobucket.

Imgur. Photobucket keep asking for money, meanwhile watermarking all the pictures until I pay. Yesterday an email from them threatening to defocus all the pics unless I paid. But even though they have lowered the price they demanded originally, but because of their past bad behaviour I can't trust them not to mess me about royally in future, so I won't pay. Besides, I am now paying instead for my bigsmallworlds website which I set up when Photobucket played silly buggers a year or so ago.


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