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Rumours and what's new to be expected of Horus Heresy (WH30K)

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Not sure if this should be here, but the other topic is marked 40k and not 30k. Showing the first reveal from the LVO

Qin Xa from the White Scars.

I like it! :icon_cool:

So this topic
also reveals a new character fo 30K

Saul Tarvitz

Feanor Fire Heart:
Rumors are abound that Horus Heresy 2.0 may be coming out along with some new plastic box sets. It'll still be based on 7th edition but with some rule clean up and some added new things. I know a lot of the older armies probably could use a revamp as the power creep from the newer legions have taken their toll on them.

Interesting.  So the path for Horus Heresy seems to be broadening then.

Is there a list somewhere as to how the Horus Heresy legions are typically ranked, say like lower tier, middle tier, upper tier?


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