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So what have you guys picked up of late for your armies?

 I found a sealed Regiment box from 6th Ed I think, the command models are metal upgrade parts.  Also, a unit of monopose Reiksguard knights, and metal White Wolf knights.  Super happy for the older metal models. I was around way back then, but too into 40K and missed out.

What have y'all found?

I purchased an Averland handgunner, believe it's from a Mordheim warband.  Plus I bought a pair of older metal halberdiers. And a pair of two much older swordsmen with what looks to be like panther shields.

Not THAT recent, but I got a sweet new Gotrek models to carve through the enemy. Comes complete with dead Skaven for the base. I recently dug out a box of stuff I was holding for a buddy, and when I let him know he didn't want it and just sold it to me for cheap. So I need to find the spare bits to fix everything up, but that'll be 2 Demigriffs and some knights freshly added to the Empire.

I've picked up some of the Undead warbands for Underworlds. I haven't picked up anything for my Empire recently, but I do think I'll add the Krakeneater Gargant to my pirates.

Well my most recent purchases are:

* 5th edition metal goblins & orcs for Warcry & Mordheim
* 12 marauder Dwarfs


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