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Finally got around to seeing Tenet
« on: September 15, 2022, 01:19:51 PM »
So I finally got around to seeing Tenet last night and holy crap did that put my brain in a twist. Like I think it impacted my sleep. I am going through Youtube watching some vids for explanations and filling in what I missed. The one thing I have to laugh about is how there is all this infrastructure around the Protagonist, with no explanation on where he gets his resources from. Like they have this heavily armed team with helicopters. How the heck would you even recruit people for this? "Hey we've got to stop a bomb from the future from going off". "Sign me up."

Anyway, its amazing how that would normally kill a film for me, but the spectacle is so great its easy to set it aside just to see what happens. I am not sure how the ending really works out for Kat, since there would be two of them running around now, one aware of the Protagonist and I assume one that doesn't, and her kid can interact with either Kat? Well anyway good luck with that, kid.

So looking at what Christopher has done, I have to give the man some props. Dude is a very talented filmmaker.

I haven't seen Following or Memento, but I remember Insomnia was pretty good. I know the Batman trilogy was great for its time but they haven't aged well for me. Too much Bruce Wayne and no enough Batman. And to be honest, The Batman is more of what I am looking for in a Batman film. More grounded, dark, detective-like as opposed to high tech, even though I love Afleck's version.

I have an aversion to magicians so really didn't pay attention to The Prestige but I did see the ending and recognize it was a beautifully shot film.

But where Nolan really knocks it out of the park is with Inception and Interstellar. Both attempt to leave the ending as one where the viewer gets to choose how things turn out for the lead, but in my view Cobb doesn't make it out, nor does Cooper survive the black hole. I think Mann's speech about thinking about your loved ones before you die is the foreshadowing of Cooper before he dies. Dreaming about how he might get out of his situation and see his daughter again before he noodlizes. I imagine most people think its just a far fetched happy ending where love beats physics, but in my mind he sacrifices himself so Brand can survive.

As a WWII history buff I have issues with Dunkirk. I recognize its a hard film to make, and it seems he went out of his way to avoid CGI, but I think he should have done it because there were far far too few ships in the film than there actually was. It was actually comical that he only used what he did. I think 1917 was a far better film which came out around the same time.

I will put Tenet up there with Inception and Interstellar but certainly not better than either. I guess I value the trippy Nolan films over the typical ones.
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Re: Finally got around to seeing Tenet
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Great review of Tenet.  I think the movie was a mess.  I have a feeling I would enjoy it a second time around, but not really sure.  Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is missing in that film, but he was busy making Dune.