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Huzzah! 2021: Hold The Line is this weekend, May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd!

Of 37 options for gaming or hobby items on the schedule, currently only 9 are sold out, so that leaves 28 more where folks can find options for playing or hobbying.  This includes, a session for painting buildings, another for painting figures, and one on 3D Printers from desk top to table top, plus another session is a lecture regarding infantry tactics during the American Civil War.

Software being used for this online/internet convention includes different types depending on which games or hobby options you choose.  So if you have Discord, Roll 20, Skype, Teams, or Zoom, then there are games and hobby items here for you!

Friday session starts at 7pm EST.
Saturday sessions are at 10am, 3pm, 8pm, all EST.
Sunday Session is at 10am EST.

Join in on one or more sessions, and the entry fee is only $2.50 USD.

Here's a link to the convention website  ...

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By the way, I am hosting my game on Saturday evening and Sunday morning via Zoom.

Hope some of you can join in on the fun! :icon_biggrin: :::cheers:::

It is convention time!

Got me some dinner ... baked cod, meatballs, green beans, English cheddar cheese with crackers, and Chateau Charrier, Bordeaux, 2018.

And of course my dice tray and dice. :icon_cool:

First game up is Northern Bulge, big battle scenario for D-Day to Berlin rules.

It's not too late to sign up for some fun. :icon_wink: 

Wow, what a great game!  I got to play a German Grenadier Brigade with supporting units.  Lots of fun trying to fend off U.S. forces attempting to break through to Bastogne. :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

Saturday morning it is on to Towton with a new Wars of the Roses set of rules, which I am playing Warwick's retinue on the left flank of the Lancasterians. :icon_mrgreen:

Well if you run short I will consider being someguy Sunday morning. Can a claim a Papal spot?

Yes.  There appears to be no way that I won't have extra slots.


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