Author Topic: Would Legstrikes of Ork Martial Arts be Soccer Kicks and other Footy Moves?  (Read 1097 times)

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I made this post months ago.


So I been wondering with how much Orks are a cartoonish portrayal of Football culture........... As with the above question I written above, would it be safe to assume that........

Orksh martial arts or whatever you want to call their combat systems....... Primarily uses soccer kicks and other association Football moves (tackling the ball except aimed at legs,, etc)? If not outright Orks use at least the generic vertical soccer kick as among their primary unarmed attacking methods along with punches, choking, throwing an enemy, headbuts, stomping an enemy knocked ont he ground and American football style tackles? Esp when they are fighting armed would the be using upwards vertical football kicks rather than the more common 300 Spartan Thrusting Kick Leonidas style often used in sword fight scenes in Western historical and fantasy setting?

Considering how much real life Football Hooligans and even angry casual soccer fans use the generic upwards vertical kick for ball shooting in brawls, I'm surprised Orks are not shown kicking enemies away across the battlefield flying midair like they are footballs in cutscenes.

What does lore say about this? All cutscenes I seen so far esp in video games show Orks punching like sluggards and throwing enemies like ragdolls or choking them. The only leg strikes I seen in video games  done by Orks is stomping on the ground at a knocked down foe.......

Afterall most rioting fans who aren't members of Hooligan gangs despite lack of training often fight with a lot of leg strikes, often using the common techniques for kicking a soccer ball when a violent uproar happens at the stadium and bars break out in chaos after a favored team loses........................

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If I recall ... here's your original post on this topic ...


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I think you're overthinking the 'martial technique' of orks and the intelligence of football hooligans to use a specific type of kick...

In both cases there is only BRAWL.