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As anyone seen or even had an opportunity to play Sludge yet :icon_question:

Seeing things about it on the internet, imagine that.  Seems like it was created to have a fantasy environment where folks can use whatever creations they'd like with their historical miniatures, all sides apparently have similar options for troops, but because it is a points system, each side in a game can have a different make up for their army.

Anyway ... here's a link ...

And here's a video or someone using Napoleonic figures with Landsknecht heads ...

I have the rules at home and I might even field my Bael Turath army in it one day. One day...

I haven't picked up the rules yet, although contemplating doing so.

I got mine from an issue of a gaming magazine, along with rules for Shadowgrave, Frostgrave with Cthulhu.

Yep, if I recall, that might be the only way to purchase them, through the magazine they produce.


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