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Eurobash 2023!!! (and further!)

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So after an extended period of no Bash, the 13th edition is now over!

On the last day we discussed how to proceed with the next editions and there was a consensus to keep the Ascension day weekend as a fixed Thursday to Saturday gaming days. Wednesday afternoon / evening willl be the incoming traveling day, Sunday the outgoing traveling day. Also 14:00 CET as a maximum end time to get out :)

Eurobash 2023
St Niklaas - Belgium

Date for Ascension day is Thursday May 18th 2023:

Arrival on wednesday afternoon/evening May 17th

Gaming days:
Thursday 18th of May
Friday 19th of May
Saturday 20th of May

Leaving day Sunday 21th of May


Warhammerlord_soth ( I presume as he is our big honcho there)
StealthKnightSteg (Ofcourse I am! ) - Wednesday till Sunday
Ronald - Wednesday till Sunday
Novogord + Mrs. D. - Thursday till Sunday
Henerius - Thursday till Sunday
Cisse - Thursday till Saturday



can't make it:

RealJuan + Juanita

ALSO The idea is to organize 2 big game events where all(most) Eurobashers can participate in! Keep checking this post/thread for updates on this
This will be announced way ahead of time so everyone has enough time to prepare

Possible ideas on the table at the moment:

1. Frostgrave, starting fresh with warbands this edition, thus keeping them going through future bashes

2. Gaslands

3. Warhammer Rennaissance / New Warhammer Fantasy? (rumored coming out end this year?)

So discusss's!

I’m in! Thursday ‘till Sunday.

Gaslands was fun.
Frostgrave is acceptable.
If we’re doing a tournament of warhammer something or other, I’ll get an army together.

I’ll want an room. And if this year is anything to go by, I’ll need a chauffeur…

Now, let’s just get Midaski to “sticky” this thread…

Although considering a trip to Europe next year, it isn't likely to be in this area, and probably not this weekend.


--- Quote from: GamesPoet on May 31, 2022, 09:20:41 AM ---Although considering a trip to Europe next year, it isn't likely to be in this area, and probably not this weekend.

--- End quote ---

Better get that planning shifted then  :closed-eyes:

I'm likely to be there but not arriving until Saturday. It'll depend on things at work.   My question would be what would happen to the frostgrave warbands in that case.


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