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Reaper Bones Dragons Don't Share


So this came out some time ago so you guys have probably seen it already, but I just discovered it. Reaper's Dragons Dont Share diorama.

I found this looking for Reaper terrain to go with my Warlord game. I have been hunting down terrain released for specific games and was looking at the poor choices for Reaper when I discovered they had released this. I don't care about the dragon or adventurers, but the terrain piece is why I got this. The ruins can be placed together as you see in the pics, but are actually mounted on four separate bases, so you could spread them around on a table.

I got this for Warlord, but it could easily be used for Mordheim or Lord of the Rings (which really lacks official terrain), or even Warhammer Fantasy.

I'll post more pics when it arrives. I am really stoked about this.

Looks like cool terrain! :icon_biggrin: :::cheers:::


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