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Playing Warhammer Quest this weekend


Playing a game of Warhammer Quest this Saturday. The original Warhammer Quest. My buddy is coming to town with his two kids and they wanted to try out one of my games so I figured a cooperative 4-player would be perfect.

Weíre not going to be able to dive too deep into it - just run a single adventure. The last time I broke this game out was with my nephews and we had a great time.

Itís amazing how much mileage you can get out of this game. The vast majority of the times I have played it was just using the Adventure book. Iíve barely touched the Roleplay book and Deathblow mags for games, and havenít even opened the extra treasure card sets. They are still sealed as the day I got them. I literally could play this game for the rest of my life and not get bored of it.

I used to have the expansions but got rid of them some time ago when trimming down, and while I feel a little stupid considering what they go for on eBay, they are really not needed. The Roleplay book gives you enough to create whatever expansion you want.

GW just doesnít make games like they used to. The models are better, sure, but the games are designed for limited life, and the need to continually buy books and such to keep up. I canít stand the model GW uses today where starters or rulebooks either barely contain army lists or donít contain any at all. Ironically, while I have a ton for 40k, I have rarely played it in recent years. I am always reaching for the easier games to explain and those that are the most fun and color.


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