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Rumours and what's new to be expected of 40K 10th Edition!

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Is 10th edition coming this year in June?  Looks like it.

Rumor has it that the rules will become similar to Age of Sigmar.

Suppose to be new models for Leagues of Votan, World Eaters, and Imperial Guard.

Toughness may be removed from game play, which would  be a huge change if that happens.

The Arks of Omen books appear to be heading in a different direction than 9th edition.

Starter set to be Tyranids and Space Marines … with new Terminator models.

A very brief teaser …

Seeing rumors that are starting to add up to 10th Edition going towards a simplification of 40K.

Apparently most recent codexes of IG and Worldeaters seemed to have moved away from 9th, including a move away from overly detailed subfactions at a minimum.

World eaters sure got simplified but I wouldn't say IG did. Its about par for course, there's a mountain of subfactions although its much more designed as the "Choose your own" as opposed to "named" subfactions. On the other side, the world eaters essentially got straight up none.

Interestingly enough, both 8 and 9th were also declared as simplification of 40k, and to a large degree they were. They got rid of tons of the vehicle rules (Like facing, armor on sides/rear/ etc) and also streamlined huge phases of the game. It actually really did speed everything up.

What DIDN'T help, and is clearly what they want to fix now, is the bloat that happened in army books as opposed to core rules. The strategems are a really cool feature, but the sheer number of them exploded beyond belief. The subfactions were similar. The first few books had a few cool ones, but then it kept going and going. Pretty normal gdubs blat.

That said, I'm deeply unhappy to see a new edition. Its been about 'time', and its more or less on the schedule it usually is. But I'm just so tired of having to relearn a rule set again every 3 years, and especially when they've JUST managed to put out all the books for the last set. Its not surprising, again, pretty classic gdubs, but does mean I'll probably be sitting out most of 10th at the local store.

My last 40K full on effort was 5th edition.  I started with 9th, reading the rule book, wanting to start some Necrons, yet never really fully committed.

Yes, strategems and subfactions were full on, and it was sort of neat, yet just added to the number of rules.

I have no interest in Tyranids, so won't buy the rumored starter set for 10th.

Besides, Warhammer: The Old World is coming! :biggriin:

10th Edition trailer dropped, with some model previews.

They also confirm that the terminators are not necessarily Primaris, but instead are now drawn from both First Born AND Primaris.

and the scale of the new Termies

Plus a bunch of new Tyranids. They say its going to be the largest update of the bugs they've ever done, and the cinematic includes a number of other units that seem to be getting a big update. Screamer-Killer time!


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