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Compared to the Indomitus Box set for 9th where the two s ides had a close number of points, seems the Leviathan Box set won't be.

Rumors had the new launch box being heavily unequal, although apparently even GW has mentioned that it is not a balanced set being released.

However, supposably most 40K box sets have been unbalanced, so not really a surprise.

Well as we don't have any clue yet on points we can't say how balanced (or not) it actually is, but GW did mention that the 2 sides provide enough models to make Combat Patrols out of them. That will get their own balancing mechanism in the near future.

Good point.  And rumors are just rumors.

Well I got my copy of the box in pre-order sorted at my local (web)store, and I'm pretty hyped for 10th edition, especially with the USR (Universal Special Rules) and that everything else is found on the unit datasheets or with max 2 pages of army and detachment rules.. so much easier for referencing.
And flavouring will come from different detachment rules, but you take one and put others aside for another time, so no cross contamination of rules everywhere

I don't have the same attraction to Tyranids as I did to Necrons, so not sure I'll be getting this box.

However, I am interested in seeing how the rules play out.


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