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Table rentals


How do you feel about having to pay for a table at a LGS? Around my area it seems people would rather travel twice as far to a store that doesn’t charge for tables rather than pay a few bucks.

Pretty much everywhere I've ever gamed has charged something for tables. I'm usually pretty involved in the local stores, its a social event for sure, so I have no problem at all paying a few bucks to help support the store. Especially because warhammer groups can often take up a fair bit of space.

Some places are more then others. I think my current space is like 5 bucks to have a table all day (Unless there's an event planned), and it goes to the store. They also have a board game library, and thats $15 per person to use whatever you want all day. That goes on a gift card though and goes back to you. Which is a nice little bonus imo.

Paying for a table is the norm, I think. Over here where I live. It's like going bowling with your own balls. Still using the track costs.

There's a club where you can pay an annual fee, but that is also a kind of a table fee that depends on your frequency of gaming. Everything costs (to the shop owner, to the club), so paying is perfectly OK.

Earlier the shop owner had a rule that you need to buy something from the shop if you play a game there. But people bought little and some still skipped paying if not specifically asked. I think a flat fee for everybody is OK.

The shop owner could of course nominate VIP customers who skip the table rent because they regularly buy stuff for more than the table fee. I think that would be fair too.


No problem for me if I need to pay for table use, although the hobby stores around here don't charge.


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