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Hey all,

After returning to the hobby after a few years I'm after a couple of bits of info. I'm UK-based, in case that informs any responses...

1 - Need to get some new glue for basing (PVA), went in to Games Workshop and they don't stock it anymore... I see Army Painter does Basing Glue specifically... What are your preferences here? Or am I just fine with any old PVA?

2 - I need to pick up some new snow flock, what's your go to for that?

3 - Finally, I always used to finish minis with a spray Purity Seal (or Matt Varnish from the pot), the same visit to GW the other week the guy told me Stormshield Technical Paint is their new Matt Varnish, so I picked up a pot. Is that right? How does it compare to the old stuff?

1. PVA is the same stuff. GW and AP bottle it very expensively, although the AP nozzle is really good.

2. I'm sticking to the miniature companies' snow. I've seen good results with baking soda, but haven't tried it myself.

3. No idea. But if they told it's matt varnish, I believe it is. I've never found big differences between different brands of matt varnishes.

People have used other substances too for matt varnish. Was it some sort of floor polish? Even thinned down PVA glue. But that was likely decades ago. It's hard to believe that actual matt varnish for miniatures wouldn't be better than those substances.


As farm as I am aware PVA is just the technical term for the standard white glue used in school crafts and what not. Elmers is the famous one in the USA (It has a cow on its logo).Doesn't have to be thick, just get a stick to get some on and use whatever fluffy white stuff from anywhere you wish.

Not sure how to answer the last question.

I use matt varnish from the art store. Acrylic matt varnish works and comes in quite large pots.

Wolfgang aus Wien:
Any school glue will do fine for basing.
Baking soda works well for snow, but does have a tendency to yellow after a while. You can retard this effect by keeping your minis stored in boxes when not in use.
I use hardware store gloss varnish for a tough first coat, then matte varnish to take off most of the shine. The rest of the gloss will fade after some handling.
Citadel stuff is so horrendoulsy overpriced, it's not even funny.


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