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1000pts vs WoC - please help!

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I am up against WOC tomorrow for a campaign, 1000 points.

30 EST, Halberds, FC 
  +Warrior Priest Ulric (General), Shield, Heavy Armour, White Cloak, Biting Blade

10 Xbow men
5 Pistoliers
DGK x 3

Engineer, long rifle

This is the first game of the campaign and I think he's bringing knights and chariots, and some monsters (Chimera, trolls/dragon ogres). He also has a character with wizarding hat.

This is what I'm considering bringing. Snipe champions/characters, cannon on the chimera/fast stuff. HBVG for area denial. Archers and Xbows as inspired by the Griffon formation.

I feel like magic armour and a GW for the priest would be a better combo, or a ward save.
Just want to keep that guy alive.

Personally I don’t think small arms fire is all that useful… I would drop them all and get some knights. Have you considered a L2 wizard for better dispel?

I would strongly recommend a wizard. Doesn't need to be expensive, but otherwise you are pretty much defenseless against spells...
Also, your army Leadership is 7, except for the DGKs 8. Add panic from the small units, and it's difficult to keep them in place... thus, I would recommend dropping some halberds (30 is huge, and your opponent will likely ignore them until they can be multicharged to death), and add a general with Ld9.

As of now, I can see where your list is going, but I fear Panic will be its downfall.

How much magic does he have?

I would like wise drop the archers and the Xbow men. If you want small arms fire against chaos then handguns are the way to go.

DGKs are more than a match for chaos knights.  This list seems solid. Tell us how it goes.

I would probably add a bare-bones level 2 wizard, but you'd probably have to drop the engineer.

I would consider giving your High(?) Priest the Armour of Silvered Steel and a Great Weapon alongside his White Cloak.

I would consider dropping your halberds to about 26 and switching your 10 man shooting detachment to handgunners for the AP. (This is 251 points)

Hellblaster should be good against T4 highly armoured chaos.


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