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Solland Army

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Count James:
Hello everyone!

So I've just finished my first model in... too long - at the time of writing this photo represents my entire collection of Games Workshop miniatures. Long story short, I had to sell it all about a decade ago (all that remains is photos) but the release of Warhammer: The Old World has finally sparked enough interest to finally get back into the hobby... whether I will actually manage to get any games in is another question entirely...

My approach: I'm essentially going to try to rebuild what has been lost... my Wissenland/Solland army, although I think I'll go full Solland this time -  starting with the Sister Superior as Warrior Priestess below. Have to say she fits the 25mm base better than the 20mm! I'm kind of thinking of just getting two of whatever Battalion box we get (plus eBay vigilance) and using that to try to recreate my old force!

I'll update this as I get more models and get them done... it'll be a slow process...

Very nice painting! I recently started my Empire army, which will be a mix of Ulricans and Kislevites. The Mordheim models are one of the best, so good idea to use them as much as possible in the army:)

Count James:

--- Quote from: Gorim on February 05, 2024, 09:19:53 PM ---The Mordheim models are one of the best, so good idea to use them as much as possible in the army:)

--- End quote ---

I really want a Freelance Knight to use as my General but... not cheap to get hold of. We'll see...

That's a nice paintjob I've gotta say, I myself plan to get about 20 SoS 3D-printed since, you know, how to find 'em. I found a good vendor online that sells 3D-scans (or at least very good recreations) of Old Hammer minis, and they've got Bertha Bestraufrung.

Although I think I will be paint an army for Osterlund, that should allow me to field my kitbashed KotWW and my enormous GS collection.

The priestess looks very good indeed! :icon_biggrin: :eusa_clap:


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