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The Peacemaker:
I do feel my bsb is not protected enough. Maybe I'll drop dragonbow and spam charmed shields. But he's not really intended for combat, i just need him for re-rolls and zoning and the dragon bow plus steam tank cannon + magic shooting is just enough to weaken a few enemy units before my army engages.

Overall strategy is to maneuver around to get good charges. I included musicians in knights for core points but also for rallying Since i will most certainly have to flee some enemy charges. Captains Rallying Cry will hopefully help with this. I can't bring myself to use the abysmal state troops, everytime I try to make a list I just want to switch armies.

Steam tank holds the center which will allow me options to maneuver or use a weighted flank strategy. So I don't necessarily need to go first. I'd rather see where my opponents units are.

Tactic against enemy dragon/strong monster is to shoot with dragon bow & steam cannon, hopefully do a couple wounds, then probably sacrifice champs until end of game or maybe get a combo charge.

Wizard on Griffon I'm excited about. Battle magic seems good for the signature assailment spell. Since spells are random I'm expecting at least 1 dud spell like curse of arrow attraction.
I tanked him up with bedazling helm and white cloak so he should be hard to kill. This guy is more of my wild card, the flying lets him move to where he is needed to reinforce/zone(same with BSB.

Demigryphs are my heavy hitters. I would take a 3rd unit instead of outriders but that would come out of characters, and gosh darnit I'm going to use my Beast Wizard model on Imperial Griffon at least once in a game in my lifetime!

# Main Force [2000pts]

## Characters [887pts]
Captain of the Empire [162pts]:
1x Captain of the Empire [162pts]: Hand Weapon, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer, War Banner, Pegasus, Lance, Full Plate Armour, Dragon Bow

Grand Master [295pts]:
1x Grand Master [295pts]: Hand Weapon, Shield, General, Demigryph, Full Plate Armour, Sword of Justice, Charmed Shield, Laurels of Victory
Wizard Lord [430pts]:
1x Wizard Lord [430pts]: Hand Weapon, Imperial Griffon, Wizard Level 4, Battle Magic, Bedazzling Helm, The White Cloak

Core: 500
4Knights, champ, musician
4Knights, champ, musician
4Knights, champ, musician
4Knights, champ, musician
4knights, champ, musician

2demigryph, plate, champ
2demigryph, plate, champ
4outriders with sharpshooter

Steam Tank

Swap the dragon bow for 4 charmed shields for the BSB and an extra 1 for the Grand Master.

Live your beast (wizard) life!

I think that guy is pretty good really, now that he can't be swatted off the back of the gryph.

You might want to swap the sword of justice for the sword of battle... the extra attack and higher strength might work better with the laurels.

Also, it looks like your Grand Master is pay for both a shield and charmed shield. There you: saved you 3 points  :icon_lol:

Otherwise, I think this would be a pretty strong list, pulling off multiple cav charges throughout the game. It could get tricky to coordinate mid-to-late game as a lot of your cav will over-run, and run down fleers over very long distances. I've noticed with my demigryphs that they only get one or two combats and then spend the rest of the game trying to turn around and move back into the battle.

Last point I'll make is that a lot of comp rules are going to have the rule of threes in place, which would preclude having so many units of knights. Your local gaming friends might also find it a bit spammy. I don't personally think it's the craziest army build in the world, but opinions will vary.

Can the wizard lord take the bedazzling helm? I don't think so. It's armor.


--- Quote from: The Peacemaker on March 06, 2024, 04:11:58 PM ---I can't bring myself to use the abysmal state troops, everytime I try to make a list I just want to switch armies.

--- End quote ---

I am really starting to feel that too.

I guess my question is, would a bigger unit of knights with some command be better than 2 units? As in, in some ways it gives your opponent a perceived threat to target their magic or shooting against. To you, its just a throw away unit with some extra models, but them it looks more threatening.... This is actually the direction I am considering taking in my list at the moment.
Just a thought.


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