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Åsklander Humans (T9A Norse)


Karak Norn Clansman:

Åskland Longhouse

A colourful and rather shoddily crafted acrylic painting of an Åskland longhouse for the Ninth Age fantasy world. Overt references to Dark Gods worship was kept out of this one, save for a skull trophy on top as a hint that all is not a summer idyll. The phallic plank jutting down from the ridge of the roof is a reference to my father's carpentry firm.

The small haystack next to the house is a reference to an infamous haystack left right next to a house in the saga of Burnt Njál. In this Icelandic settler saga, a clairvoyant old woman kept telling everyone that the haystack would bring great calamity upon the house, but she was ignored and the haystack was never moved. Instead it was used as kindling by foes in a blood feud, that saw the old man Njál and his wife burnt to death under their blankets for the sake of the bloody deeds of their doomed son Skarpheden (who among other fell deeds slid over ice as if on skates to deliver a quick charge with an axe and take his enemies with surprise).

Åskland corresponds to Viking age Scandinavia.

The Ninth Age is a historically based classic fantasy world. My own endeavours in it aim to come up with concepts and chuck in proposals to take the historical inspiration much further than has been seen in Warhammer Fantasy, with a plethora of historical cultures for various fantasy races. This include such concepts as Finnic Sylvan Elves, Ethiopian Dwarves, Byzantine Ratmen, Moche Infernal Dwarves and Nias tribe Saurian Ancients.

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