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Getting started with TOW 1000pts

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Hi all, wondering if i can get some feedback on my first list. I had an infantry based project army that was meant to be for 6th that got shelved but the release of TOW and its kickoff in my FLGS has encouraged me to get it done.
This is my first pass at a 1k list so i can get things started and get to learning the game ready for some upcoming tournaments in June. I dont have much interest in being cheasy but i dont want to put a potato on the table

I hvae most of this painted already and a spare group of 10 handgun ners and a foot BSB i can expand the infantry quite a bit as well as call on a second cannon. I dont have much interest in demigryphs (i suppose its good i dont care much about winning then)

Here goes, what do you think?

The Empire of Man - 1k - [985pts]

# Main Force [985pts]

## Characters [350pts]
Captain of the Empire [200pts]: Hand Weapon, Lance, Griffon, Heavy Armour, Serrated Maw, Wicked Claws, Full Plate Armour, General, Biting Blade
Master Mage [150pts]: Hand Weapon, Wizard Level 2, Elementalism, Pegasus, Hand Weapon, Lore Familiar

## Core [270pts]
Empire Archers [35pts]:
5x Archer [7pts]: Hand Weapon, Warbow
State Missile Troops [70pts]:
10x State Missile Trooper [7pts]: Hand Weapon, Crossbow
State Troops [165pts]:
25x State Trooper [6pts]: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Halberd
1x Sergeant [5pts]
1x Standard Bearer [5pts]
1x Musician [5pts]

## Special [365pts]
Empire Greatswords [240pts]:
20x Greatsword [11pts]: Full Plate Armour, Great Weapon, Hand Weapon
1x Count's Champion [8pts]
1x Standard Bearer [6pts]
1x Musician [6pts]
Great Cannon [125pts]: Great Cannon, Gun Crew, Hand Weapon

Are you gearing this for competitive play?

At the moment, and at 1,000 points, hmmm ... I'm thinking less Great swords, and having some Knights.  Maybe a slightly smaller block of infantry.  And there are 15 points left to use if needed.  Perhaps there's a way to fit in some outriders.

And welcome to W-E!  Hope to see ya around. :icon_cool: :::cheers:::

I wouldn't say im gearing for competitive play but I am aiming to use this to learn for playing in local competitions, I book a place in a competitions to encourage me to complete the army and give me a kick to getting onto the gaming table to prepare if you follow.

i was thinking 20 GS is a bit much for 1k but they dont have heavy infantry so need 5 for a rank :icon_sad:. i was considering dropping 5 of them and the Pegasus on the wizard to maybe get 4 knights but id probably prefer outriders. thanks for the pointers and thanks for the welcome  :::cheers:::

So with TOW, your hitty infantry (both halberds and greatswords) make sense to be wider than deep.
So consider making the halberds 7 wide - think a unit of 28.
Greatswords dont need to be 4 ranks deep, but 7 wide is still good for them too. Consider taking them as a unit of 14.

That should spare you some points for knights or outriders.

Make the crossbows a detachments so they can support stand and shoot if the situation comes up.
Make the archers scouts for some interesting deployment options.

Dont but a lance if you have a magic weapon. You have to use the magic weapon, so you are wasting points. Also, no shield? Consider Charmed Shield for a single use 5+ ward save.

Otherwise, this is a solid list IMO. Welcome, and Good luck!

Warlord said exactly most of the things I was going to!  :::cheers:::

Id emphasize finding a ward save for your Griffon. Id go beyond the charmed shield hes going to have a target on him.

And your wizard will be vulnerable. He only benefits from lone character if hes near the same troop type (cavalry) so either add some knights, or drop the Pegasus and put him on foot.

Depending on what you want to do with the wizard, you may want to drop the lore familiar. If youre going for specific buffs, like Battle Lust (which would be great in this list) then keep the lore familiar. But if you just want a magic missile platform, consider taking the arcane familiar instead and take the summoning and doom bolt, and save a couple of points that you could put into a ward save for your wizard.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


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