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Welcome - Step into the Imperial Office


Welcome to the Imperial Office.

If you want something a little bit different to the day to day discussion of the Electors' Forum then this is the 'senate' for the more discerning member.

It is probably best described as a breeding ground for the high quality articles that make their way into the Archives.

If you feel you have a contribution worth more than an ordinary thread, something you have drafted lovingly on your PC, and now it is ready for public airing, then submit it here, for your peers to evaluate and comment.

Many a piece of tactical brilliance made its debut on this forum, before being enshrined into the War Room.

Fine Fiction, Historical Treatise or Gaming Humour have been presented here, before taking their place of Honour in the Library.

Our Workshop too is developing with project articles and painting tips that members share on this forum.

Best enjoyed with a goblet of fine wine, and as it is the forum where you will probably find the highest percentage of quality threads, we expect nothing but the best in behaviour!

Thank you, Staff

EDIT: all articles that have been added to the Library will now have the tag [library] added to their title and a link to that article included. However, a few articles have not been so marked due to formatting problems, but can nevertheless be found in the Library (including the epic Die Schlammländer ).


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