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Welcome to the Parade Ground!


General Helstrom:
Hello everyone,

This is The Parade Ground, where you can march your Empire army out for inspection by the combined wits of the Imperial officers' corps. Post your army lists in this forum to get some peer critique and advice!

This is a board for discussion of Empire related lists only - if you wish to discuss potential army lists for other races, then you are free to make a thread in the Counts Tavern.

As a note, please don't use unmodified Army Builder format - it's a pain to read. We don't really need to know the 9 Knights are on 9 Warhorses, costing zero points per warhorse, nor that they carry Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Hand Weapon :) Take some care to organize your list according to the sequence of the Army Book (Characters - Core - Special - Rare) and list Detachments with their respective Parent Units.

Enjoy! Staff

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