Author Topic: The 9th age 1.2 empire! tank, griffon and infantry (mostly) 4500 pts  (Read 1824 times)

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Hi all, I am liking the ninth age for stepping up in the place of what once was my favourite wargame.
I made a list with some cool models I own. I was wondering what you all think. Thanks in advance.

- griffon, great tactician, hardened shield, talisman of supreme shielding, lance.
18" ld9 bubble and 2 orders.

Prelate (joins imperial guard )
- armour of FtG, crown of scorn

Prelate (joins spearmen infantry)
- dragon mantle, shield

Marshall BSB (joins imperial guard )
- The black helm, shield

Artificier (joins xbows to go shooting warmachines with 36" range)
- long rifle, ring of fire (ring is there to put pressure on dispel dice.


49 spearmen; FCG, Ęther icon

20 halberdiers

13 xbow men

10 militia; bows

10 militia; pistols, skirmish

10 militia; pistols, skirmish

5 electoral cavalry; shields, banner


22 imperial guard ; FCG, greatswords

5 reiters, brace of pistols



+ sunna's fury

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Re: The 9th age 1.2 empire! tank, griffon and infantry (mostly) 4500 pts
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2016, 01:57:32 PM »
First of all: General on Griffon! Awesome!  :smile2: Maybe give hime Hero's sword, it's pretty optimal on Empire Marshal. I'm not sure if the Hardened shield is worth the +1 armour save, I5 is pretty nice. By the way does the Talisman give the whole model the 4+ ward? It does because the griffon is monstrous cav, right? I haven't read the newest version rules properly... The only problem here might be that infantry needs support (Ld, orders) from the General so you don't benefit for having a flying monster. Or what kind of role in your army did you have in mind for your general?

If you play without wizards it's important to have two priests to pray for you. Otherwise the enemy will dispel your most important prayer. It's also good idea to have the Ring of Fire on your Engineer.

The BSB looks a bit naked with just 2+ armour save. I would definitely use every attack possible in close combat to knock him down. Maybe 5+ ward? I know you're most likely trying to pray the ward save for the unit but it doesn't always work out.

50 Spearmen is an impressive unit! Nice! Especially if your general is giving the orders to fight in extra rank and the priest gives them ability to re-roll to wound they're unstoppable. I suppose the 20 halberdiers are going to do good job watching their backs.

14 Crossbowmen with 36" range is an interesting unit. You can use it to threaten the enemy war machines too which is pretty nice. I don't see a reason to take just 14 of them  :happy:

I'm not sure about the three units of militia. I'm not saying they're not worth taking but I find them hard to see worth taking. 150 points is not a cheap price for ten guys with bs3 and pistols. If you drop the two units of pistol militia you could take three units of rangers. They're scout and shoot 24". But again, I haven't tried pistol chaff. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm just saying you're paying a high price for units that are easy to kill with magic, cause panic in your other units and because of the amount of infantry might not be within 12" of the BSB.
The unit of imperial guard is maybe the biggest problem in your army. I really like the greatswords but they die so easily even with the 4+ and 5++. I would definitely try to fit in at least 30 of them. I usually take 35 to exterminate all my enemies. Nothing beats the feeling when you're playing against a strong enemy unit (let's say 10 Chaos trolls or 20 Chaos warriors with characters) and after a successful charge and magic phase you wipe out the whole unit in one close combat round. I don't see that happening with just 22 of them. 10 might easily get killed on the first round and then you don't have enough men to strike back. It is important that the Empire strikes back  :wink:

I love the Reiters with 2x pistols. They always have a place in my army.

Volleygun and steam tank are good units. Something for your opponents to think about.

Good luck on the battlefield and post us some reports!

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Re: The 9th age 1.2 empire! tank, griffon and infantry (mostly) 4500 pts
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2016, 06:06:12 AM »
Thx for your reply!

The marshall has a 2+ save for his plate armour and hardened shield, griffons do not give mounts protection and I thought a 2+ save for T5 with 4 wounds is worth it. Mass strength 4 shooting could easily bring him down if saves were lower. The 4++ is indeed for the whole model, which is nice. I also do not intend to engage other characters on monsters. I just invested in defense so he gers to live to bully softer prey.
The upgrade great tactician alliws the marshall ro give two orders to a parent or support unit within his inspiribg pressence range, which is 18" on his beasty.
I want him to take care of smaller fast units that threaten my rear and flanks or combi charge big blocks of s3 infantry with the tank from turn 3 or 4 to lock them and slowly grinding them down.
He is supposed to order the first turn the 6" extra range for shooting on both pistol militia who run forward and shoot whatever is in range (8" march + 18" pistol range) and be somewhat annoying andbeing a thorn in the road. I hope my opponent thinks they cannot be ignored so I can charge bait some units, militia does not cause panic when fleeing for my big blocks and I can order them to stop fleeing with the marshall after which they can move and shoot again.
I hope this will make my opponent impetoues! And moves things within range f the hellblaster :).
I agree on the imperial giard. I would rather have a bigger unit. But everything costs points. I was hoping to wear down the enemy so I can finish them with the guards.
Spears are there for center board control and grinding.

In 5000 points i will add an arcane engine (even more bound spells) and more imperial guard.
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Re: The 9th age 1.2 empire! tank, griffon and infantry (mostly) 4500 pts
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2016, 07:33:43 AM »
Okay, I see your point with the pistols. MSU can be powerful combination. Would be nice to see them in action.

But still I think you'll end up in trouble with just 22 imperial guard. They don't benefit from hitting hard nor bodyguard if they're dead.

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Re: The 9th age 1.2 empire! tank, griffon and infantry (mostly) 4500 pts
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2016, 11:54:18 AM »
I could field my characters very basic without a lot off magic items. That would give the points to get up to 28 imperial guard. I could drop 1 bow militia unit for another 5 of them.
With characters that would be 35 men in the unit.

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Re: The 9th age 1.2 empire! tank, griffon and infantry (mostly) 4500 pts
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2016, 02:17:59 PM »
I've tried out similar lists, and gotten both good & bad results. Maybe it mostly depends on your experience - how well you can carry through your deployment and tactics.

My biggest problem with this kind of list has been and still is overcrowding. You've got one big unit, two medium units and eight small units (STank & Griffon included). And these need to be at least 1" apart, and usually it's better to keep them further apart. I've felt it really hard to control & concentrate my striking power with so many units. I usually end up playing with two lines, one behind the screening skirmishers. However, this results in slower advance, meaning that the enemy has the time to deal with the chaff, and still prepare for the big fights with the main units.

That's the problem with mixed/MSU tactics. I think the Empire should and could be the best army to try out that mix, but then again it needs a lot of practice to carry through in the heat of battle and fog of war.

With so many infantry, I would definitely think about adding one Arcane Engine. Either one is good, but maybe the aggressive +1 to Hit is better, since you hope to hit a lot with your main units, and your enemies surely have something in their sleeve. This would also add a bound spell to your arsenal.

Would be nice to hear how this list playes!

Live in peace and prosper.