Author Topic: Is it fun to play the free people in AOS  (Read 2605 times)

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Is it fun to play the free people in AOS
« on: January 10, 2019, 09:16:36 AM »

I've been absent for a long time from this board but, now that I've moved to the UK, I feel compelled to step back into the hobby once again.
I have to rebuild my army (a small force from Talabecland) and I'm wondering if I should rebase them with round bases to play AOS.
Last time I've actively played was 10(ish) years ago, therefore everything will be new to me.
My question for you is simple: is it fun? Playing the Empire in AOS could give me a good time or an immense amount of frustration?
I would like to hear about your experiences.
Thank you!

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Re: Is it fun to play the free people in AOS
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2019, 01:24:12 PM »
It really depends on how you see it and if the previous "Old World" lore is a massive influence or not.

Free People as they are now are a bit in an odd place, they still haven't gotten a Battletome (yet?) and most parts are scattered into several "sub" factions. And playing an old Empire list in it's entirety feels off. But if you play the Free Guild (biggest sub faction left over) and you splash a bit of the other in it as allies they can still form a good list / army that can do pretty well. Not top tier but certainly a mid field contender. That is game wise.

Lore wise you really have to let go of 80-90% of the old lore and get to grips with the new Mortal Realms and how they work. Free People now mostly operate from Free Cities which also comprise out of the old Dwarves (Dispossessed) and old High Elves, Dark Elves and some Wood Elves (Aelves also divided into smaller subfactions). The feeling is that they might combine into something from the Free City defenders or something like that.

At least the few games I played I had fun with it, but my neglect with AoS is more that my focus is on 40k at the moment and I haven't really had the hobby motivation to get my Empire models painted and re-based (did a few though till about 800 points)
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Re: Is it fun to play the free people in AOS
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2019, 01:16:41 PM »
I would also say it depends on your intended gaming group and what they play too.
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Re: Is it fun to play the free people in AOS
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2019, 03:07:00 PM »
I would have to say what sks says. If you are a traditionalist and love the old lore, you will have a disconnect with the new game. I had all the warscrolls etc for the old units and have converted 2 armies (orks and devoted of Sigmar) and built a new skaven/beastman army and enjoy the new system but they are becoming more irrelevant as time goes on. I really like the new system and the direction they are going (the new gloomspite gitz - the name belongs on the Vegas strip) are the old night goblin/forest goblin/ troll/giant factions combined in one book and I think itís a brilliant move and gives me complete confidence when the get the free guild/ dispossesed / elf factions together (if thatís the way they are going) and warlord says, your group will be most helpful as this game is highly flexible.
Iíve realized I donít have the ability to get invested in different game systems and I really enjoy a supported game structure so Iíll probably go with this completely with a few distractions on the way.
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