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Jaap Stam the Wandering Lion
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Jaap Stam came from humble beginnings. The son of a hops farmer's daughter in Averland and a traveling friar whom is rumored to have been a Brettonian. Jaap grew up on the farm wondering about his estranged father while learning about farming and faith on his grandfather's farm.

Jaap was always big for his age, and took to daydreaming and exploring nearby farms. Some of his favorite times were spent off the farm meeting foreigners and merchantmen. As he became introduced to outside ideologies and faiths, more and more he began question his grandfather's teachings.

Ultimately, his "pilgrimage" from the family farm is still very much in progress thirty years later. Jaap Stam has become something of a folk-tale among priests and farmers across the empire as he always seems to appear when needed most, but never to be seen again. His strange heraldry and enormous size are what mark him to strangers. No one has of yet deciphered what god (Sigmar or other) Jaap pledges faith in. It is said that he struggles internally over which deity has blessed his travels. Defending those in need from chaos appears to be this wandering warrior priest's calling. He distances himself from politics and steady piety in a monastic life, because of the absoluteness of these acts. Wandering, and discovering new faiths and new thoughts are his religion you could say. The stagnant certainty of a deity or political dogma reminds Stam too much of his grandfather and life on the farm.

Despite all this, there is no questioning Jaap Stam's complete devotion to whatever task he sets before himself, or the power that he and his God bring to the table.

This new noble of Brass Keep has inadvertently found himself a stubborn ally in Jaap due to his open-mindedness.
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