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Youth and Inexperience.
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     "We need a real war!" Everett Baum-Ruess screamed as he slammed his open palm on the desk in his Barn-turned-barracks just south of Merfeld in Averland.
 Everett was only 21 and had made a fortune as a caravan guard along the road between Merfeld and the Dwarfhold of Karak Angazhar.
         "Calm yourself child. You still have your whole life ahead of you and you've already made more Gold than most mercenaries will see in their lifetime." Said the grizzled, bearded man next to Everett.
        "I just don't know what to do Pavel. We need to expand. I NEED to get out of here. I've never seen beyond Averland."
         "That is fine your time will come. Till then you can still make plenty of money guarding the trade routes that are rich in iron shipping once there is a demand next season. Don't kill yourself looking for fights."
Everett sat down and staring at the map on his desk, began to fantasize his future as his soldiers were moving supplies in and out of the barracks. "I am nothing but a Farmers son playing Mercenary Captain. I need to find a way to prove....."
Before he could finish his sentence an exasperated boy in a green mottled cloak and a bow in his right hand ran up to Everett's desk and slammed a letter down.
"I think found us a good job!" Nicholas Screamed
“An army of principles will penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.”
― Thomas Paine