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A hochlanders word
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The winds tore through the meadows and whipped snow into the faces of anyone facing the wrong direction. It gathered speed across the frozen lake and battered itself against the walls of the stone house that rose 4 stories high on the opposing shore. The deep and narrow lower winds told abou the thickness of the wall and despite the glas windows on the upper stories it was clear this house was not just for show but also a fortification. A massive rectangular piece of stone that towered over the lake and woodlands.

A lone standard fluttered in the gale, its colour white and black jagged pattern. It rose from ends of the tilled roof. On the other end of the roofknock stood a statue of a snarling wolf, attentive and watchful for any kind of danger or threat. Or maybe looking for prey to pounce.

The Stone house stood on a artifical island sorrounded by a moat. The island was also protected by an earth embankment with wood covering and a layered wooden breastwork. In the shadow of the mighty stone house stood an open square of smaller houses, containing living quarters, kitchen, storages and much more. In the center of the courtyard stood a well. Beyond the moat, lay a cluster of economy buildings housing lifestock, barns and stables. This outer part was also defended by a stockade that ended by the moat and the defended drawbridge that was the only entrance to the castle. 

Isaac Kane, lord of the Wolfs teeth, or Wolfenzan, as the estate was named, stood in the windows of his private chamber high up in the stone house and watched the surroundings with a toughtful gaze. Behind him on the wall was the marble images of Shallya and Morr on the short end of the room, just beside the entrance door. On the other side of the entrance, another marble artwork decorated the wall and beyond it was a small nieche built into the stone wall. The image was of a bearded man standing with an axe in his hand, snow lay on the ground and by his left foot a wolf lay resting. By his right a man in armour was standing on bent knee, saluting him. The three marbles made the room a private shrine and chamber all in one.

"Will you come too bed? You have been standing by the window very long now and it is getty chilly."
The womans voice cut through the silence of the stone walls like the song of a lark pierce the morning sky in summer. Isaac turned his head towards his wife who lay in the inner room.
"Ah, so much too think about. So much too consider."
"Husband, I am freezing and I fear I may develop a cold. Please, let your worries rest for now. You will have plenty of time to worry later. We will most likely not see each other in a long time now. Would you not come and warm me?"
The old warriors face cracked with a gentle smile as he turned away from the window and made sure he also secured the shutters firmly.

"Aye, Karin, I will come and warm you. Pray there will not be too many nights before next time."

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Re: A hochlanders word
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