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Tale of the cursed one
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Bjork's Fluff EoW 1: quick introductions

Constantin was trying to have it cosy in the bed. He just couldn't, he wasn't used to it. He was a fighter after all, not a civilian. He also had quite different ways of sleeping than any common person. Constantin son of Karl Mathison but his last name had been stripped away after a unfortunate incident with a sorcerer. He had been on a mission to kill just that sorcerer and just before he did it he had been cursed.
-What a storybook cliché, mumbled Constantin as he rolled from side to side in the uncomfortable bed. He kept repeating the phrase “that damn sorcerer” about four times until his enhanced senses realised the arrival of a human. He smelled familiar, especially the beard.
-Good morning Constantin! Slept well? Said the tall Ulric priest who was almost as tall as Constantin.
-As well as anyone with my curse can do when trying to sleep at night, said Constantin and rose up from the bed.
-At least you don't look as pale as when you found me, Said the priest.
Constantin gave away a smile revealing the teeth.
-Thanks Ulrik, you were the only one I knew I could trust to help me.
-Speaking to me or him? Asked Ulrik and winked.
-Both........probably, Constantin started to take on the gear and went out to the small camp, his hood protected his skin from the sun and didn't give away his curse to anyone who would like to harm him. Most people following him were wizards, priests or assassins. He had however been allowed a regiment of Berental axemen at a promise of not harming them ever. He had given them the best possible training and equipment he could get and he had named them “The red Guards” referring to their shining red armour. He also made use of his curse to get some more troops but always made sure to take care for the souls he disturbed with every spell.
-Some of the other generals look at me curiously, it is annoying, Said Constantin to Ulrik.
-Considering your clothes that is hardly surprising, Said Ulrik with a chuckle.
-Well, he paused for a moment and continued, “i'm starting to think fighting... to get rid of the blood thirst is kind of a bad idea you know”
-You mean spilling blood to get rid of blood thirst?
-Yes. He answered shortly.
-Well it does contradict but I still think regaining your old personality through battle and your honour through service and the curse will be lifted by Ulric himself.
-Well that's the idea, said Constantin and sighed.
Ulrik patted Constantin on the back and pointed toward the food-tent.
I think good old Patrik has cooked up some really nice soup for us.
-I smell potatoe, said Constantin and added, promise no garlic this time.
Ulrik chuckled again and said:
-Of course my friend, I promise.
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