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~ The Chronicles of Rodblüte ~
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~The Massacre in the Forest of Shadows~

Within the borders of Ostland, lies the Forest of Shadows. Many creatures inhabit these woods, unbeknownst to the men and women of the Empire. Sightings have been reported of menlike creatures, standing seven foot tall with heads shaped like goats. During the nights, giggling and trippling can be heard in the bushes, and sometimes, when the moon is full and the men are restless, bandits come from the shadows, plundering villages.

It was in response to yet another of these plunderings of the town of Baumschatten, that captain Wilhelm Jungeboren received order from lord Ludwig von Rotblüte to rid the area of any threat that had dared to present itself with such arrogancy. He stated that Ostlanders were not to bow for these open challenges.

So it was that a couple of days later only, a well-equipped and sizeable force marched into the Forest of Shadows. Halberdiers, spearmen and crossbowmen had assembled in vast regiments, joined by many a commoner grouped in hordes of militia. Captain Jungeboren was with the Outriders himself, constantly scouting what laid ahead and keeping the ranks secure.

The bandits were found within hours, mostly asleep, drunk or bickering amongst eachother. When the Ostlanders attacked them from all directions, they were both outnumbered and outclassed. Their cries of defeat resonated deep through the forest as they were killed to the last men, as ordered.

It was a week later that lord von Rotblüte himself arrived in Baumschatten. The priest there had raised defenses and held daily training sessions with every potent male. When asked what he knew, all the priest could do is point the lord to the edge of the forest. A single flag stood exactly on the border, its torn cloth drenched in blood, but undeniably Ostland. Next to it, a small tower of stones had been placed. The threat was crystal clear. Stay out of the forest, this is our terrain...
~Regiment of the Red Blossom~