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Re: Missing War machine
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Yeah a war wagon loaded with handgunners who are allowed to shoot on the move, (afterall they aren't driving the thing) and double armed with either flails or halberds would be really cool.  The hussite war wagons also had a swivel cannon mounted to the wagon itself, (naturally enough called a frame gun) that could be cool as either a large guage shot gun or mini cannon.   The use of this would make the outriders a little redundant especially if we allow it to be towed by a steam tank as a trailer full of stirland rednecks out for a beastman shoot.
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"DEfighter wrote:
Hey, trolls stay the hell out, this is a serious thread. Empire are cheese. 2 steam tanks, a war altar and 4 cannons is so obviously overpowered. Anyone who thinks otherwise clearly hasn't had their dragon shot down on turn 1 yet."

oh really now.  LOL ROFLMAO oh the irony.