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The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: Magic "Phase"
« Last post by commandant on December 06, 2023, 02:22:50 PM »
I wonder how many spells a single wizard can cast.
The Brush and Palette / Re: The Stir River Patrol
« Last post by Orfeo_Culzean on December 06, 2023, 09:22:24 AM »
I'm a fan of your style!
Great choice of colors and hilarious freehands.
I'll save the idea for a unit's filler with a boat for my Nordlanders too
Enemies of Humans / Re: Warriors of Chaos New Army Thread.
« Last post by SaintofM on December 06, 2023, 08:25:38 AM »
Almost done here. We'll have Unnamed Characters and other potential units from games and Forge World that might be fun to have.

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn arn't that great, and it sems by design. Radom movement of 2D6, WS3, 1 D6 attacks. S4, 3 wounds, and a toughness of 5 are good, and their high LD and Unbreakable rules usually mean they will hold an enemy there. Fear is also not bad. But if core have better units, why waste the limited room in the Rare slot? 3 Reasons.

1. The Previously mentioned Eye of the Gods. 2. The Mutalith Beast I will get into in a few minutes, and 3.  Some people have 55 points to spend. You need to waste some points, so why not at that point Add a few more points you will have the various Mark that will add different effect Just a few excamples from previous editions included improved Strength, an extra D6 movement, poison attacks, and a flaming attack for Khorn, Slannesh, Nurgle, and Tzeentch respectively. They may come up with something entirrly different.

And as promised, some I did. The middle one was made out of a Air Drying Clay and I based it off of the Final Fantasy Monster Malboro.

Chaos Giant: Even without Marks, this guy is going to be tough! You'll also see him in Beasts of Chaos, Orcs and Goblins, and the PDF for Ogres. While between all the armies that take them there will be little flavor changes, the main things that tay the same are as followed:

Terror, Large Target, Stuborn, Immune to Psycology, close to Dragon stats in most areas save for WS which is 3 ad an * in its attack slot? THat is because in previous eddtions and most likly this one they came with 2 different sets of attacks depending on the size they were dealing with. Cavalry and Smaller: Small. Ogre, chariot, Chaos SPawn, Griffon and bigger? Big.

Roll a D6 and find out. THe small side this could be Yell and Bawl (win by 2 points regardless what the other guy has, dosn't deal damage), Swing with Club that dealt D6 Damage, Stomp which did another D6 damage but he had to test for falling over (more on that when I talk about the negatives), ANd Pick up someone in the unit. This one has its own list, but target any mini they are fighting, be it character or champion, and the enemy has to make a successful attack that wounds the giant (letting them go). They fail, and they end up dead right then and there. It just depends on how they go. Stuffed down what they hope is a pocket, squished, eaten, thrown back into their unit (causing D3 more wounds on the unit) or thrown into a neighboring one, or shoved into pants while they pick up another and do it all over again.

Against larger they had Yell and bawl, taake a bite out of them (which could heal them by D3) head butt which did other damage.

Against individual big things like monsters, chaos spawn, or most chariots, or against units of smaller things the Giant rocks! But he has some issues of his own.

1st is fall down. If they go over a fence or wall, if they do the stomping big, if they loose combat they must test to see if they stay on their not so nimble feet. I forget what they test on, but they get a 1 they fall over. Roll for a random direction and there they fall (causing damage on anything they fall on takes S6 hits from its girth (frankly I am surprised others don't have to do this considering how many other monsters of monsterous size there are if you get my drift).Once on the ground they have WS to hold enemies back but that is it.

When dealing with Monstrous units, I can see issues. Most of the options they had there seemed to be single target so they probably need some other stuff to make it survive a group of trolls or ogres.

ANd as an unarmored large target, do what Muldoon said in Jurassic Park and Shoot her! Most shots will need 6 on the wounds, but it should be enough.

This said, it has been a mainstay and a largly unchanged one at that for a reason. Add marks of chaos which no doubt will add effects like they do with Spawn, this should add to the killing potential. So have fun, get a few, and smash your way to victory.

Chaos Warshrine
They came out in 7th ed, and got a model in 8th, however much like Spawn and Forsaken, I suspect there will be plenty of customzaton for these guys to go with which patron the go with. I going to use the image of Glutos from the Hedonists of Slannesh for the image as how could I not use him!

Frankly I forget all they did, but I do beleive they had a bound spell that allowed them to do give units perks off the Eye of the Gods. It will be interestng to see what they do to be support as they are not so much fighters (though they can hold their own in combat) but as support that increases the potency of their allies.

Vortex Beast
This is a big guy. While decent statss, poison attacks, some normal number of attacks alongside D6 random ones would make this guy good in close combat, you are using him as an artillery peace. THey have a boound spell that targets an enemy unit and rolling a D6 ca cause damage in a variety of ways. SOmetimes causing a bunch of weak atacks, hitting all of them with stronger ones, reducing a pair of stats for the rest f the game, and even causing damage and then summoning a CHaos Spawn that will be in base to base combat with them in the next phase. I can see this guy beng used to tear hoard armies appart, but aalso crushing more heavily armored. foes. However its the alternative you could build ths kit into that is good for the heavy hiters.

As for defences, good solid toughness for an average monster, maybe a 4+ armor and regeneraton. So kill i with fire and high strength attacks.

And my Guy Bubba.

Slaughter Brute: Big, red, and angry. Slaughter brutes are captures and compelled to serve a chaos general by shoving enchanted swords in their back (and should that charecter die they unleash havock on the first thing they see). WHat they lack in attacks, they make up for in strength and tenacity and will be used to take on more heavily armored eleite units AND other monsters. This is a brawler, no crowd controling for him. THis has to be Khorn's favorite beast.

In melee, I would probly try to overwhelm it with attacks and high strength one if I could. At range, same with every other monster.

Dragon Ogre: They sold their souls for immortality, and now serve the dark gods as their heavy shock troops. ANd if they get hit by lightning spells, they get frenzy. Maybe wounds healed. These will be expensive, so don't see moe than a unit of three. But with lots of attacks, high strength, WS, number of attacks, fear, Immune to Psychology, lots of wounds mean they hit hard and take hits. Add 2 hand wepaon, halberd, or Great weapon options, and we havee a living wepaon of terror.

THe main weakness i see in them is their like 60 points a pop they had in previous edditionss, and as we'll see in the Skull Crushers...thay may not be enough.

But like most big things, I will say shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. THe samess should be 4 or 5, and while the toughness will stop many an attack from wounding...mass of attacks are a lovley thing to behold.

Shagoth: Many a reptile don't stop growing till they die. This is one of them. They get bigger and stronger, and their stats have been shown case already so I don't have to speculate at all too much save for what different things might mean. But it has all the things that make the Dragon Ogres Great, just in a bigger package.

Chaos Hell Cannon: One of the origional unit killers of old. Like a war machine, it can have its ups and downs with a misfire causing a crewman to die by being eaten alive, the machine to just spew daemonic ichore, or breaks its binds and rushes at the enemy, forgoing range attacks alltogeather...what?

Yeah, this is a weapon made by the Chaos Dwarves, used by the Chaos Dwarves, and feilded by Warriors of Chaos in exchange for hefty price of a lot of slaves and other unatural things from the chaos wastes. The crew being dwarves, an evil and twisted kind of dwarves none the less, they are not giving ground. The machine itselfi more or less a monster and the crew treated more like its handlers. Too bad the Total War games havn't done this yet, but oh well. In any case, one of the few range optons, of couse it has a way to deal with things that get too close. But what about the range attack? Its more or less a stone thrower that has S5(10) magical attacks using a large template that cause panic if it wounds just one guy. Its a nightmare to face but a dream to field. That said there are some ways to deal with it.

Kill the crew. Depending how crew rules work, kill them and it will go feral and move in random frenzied movements.
Your own high strength attacks. Guns are nice. So are spell, although I think it might have a ward save and maybe magic resistance.

Hope they misfire as one of the options is all wizards (sadly yours as well) take a wound and have to save now. Its a monster, and it should be treated as such. And it will be a prize in any CHaos Lord's army.

Skull Crushers: They came in around the same time as the Hellstriders, and boy howdy they hit hard. Lances, hand weapons maybe even enscroled weapons. These Chaos Knights are so dedicated to the Blood God that they are gifted with Juggernaughts of Khorn: Metal Hell Rhynos  blow, 3 wounds, magic resistance, give off +3 armor instead of the normal +2 for barding, have magical attacks and a 2ward savve. I think even killing blow but that might be too much Oh, they they hit harder on the charge. They may not come in big units, but if you face them: tarpit, best anti armor options you have, and and because they are Frenzied, bait and lead them away from anything important. Not much else to say. Warriors of CHaos is a Heavy Metal Album, the Army and these guys bring the Death Metal.

The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: Magic "Phase"
« Last post by SaintofM on December 06, 2023, 05:19:08 AM »
On one hand, we don't have to worry about generating spell dice, so as long as you don't miscast you can keep casting. On the other hand, I have to wonder about a few things as there were abilities and magic items that helped deal with this. I wonder how Power stone, or the one Dwarven rune that stleals a power die and converts it into a dispell die will work? Also will Dwarves have their own anti magic options to deal with this.
The Brush and Palette / Re: The Stir River Patrol
« Last post by Rowsdower on December 05, 2023, 11:34:01 PM »
And after slaying a few swordsmen, the enemy are going to have to contend with the ogre and his masonry club
P.S Great job on the squid banner
The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: Magic "Phase"
« Last post by Dazgrim on December 05, 2023, 08:57:35 PM »
Only 1 wizardless dispel per turn is going to be rough. Especially if they keep to the Lords/Heroes breakdown of characters.
The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: Magic "Phase"
« Last post by commandant on December 05, 2023, 05:58:28 PM »
2d6 plus level v 2d6 plus level gives an advantage to higher level wizards. Also I like that you can only dispell within a certain distance. It'll make your placing of wizards important
The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Re: Magic "Phase"
« Last post by Gankom on December 05, 2023, 04:07:55 PM »
To continue my copy paste gig for everyone else.

What would Warhammer be without magic? Without that ever-present risk of having your proud regiment of Silver Helms toasted by a well directed Fireball, or your Black Orcs grappled by the Dwellers Below?

There are six types of spell: Enchantment and Hex (Strategy phase), Conveyance (Movement phase), Magic Missile and Magical Vortex (Shooting phase), and Assailment (Combat phase). These are cast in the appropriate phase, so units can end up Enchanted or Hexed from the outset of your turn, magically moved when it’s time to charge, and blasted with arcane power when the rest of the shooting happens.

Each conjuration has a casting value appropriate to how complex it is, and spells are cast on 2d6, adding the skill level of the caster. It’s a quicker system than the previously used Winds of Magic cards or pools of dice – leaving the tactical decisions of what to cast and when.

agic is still very much a duel between opposing wizards. It’s still perfectly possible to Miscast should you roll a double 1, or to achieve a Perfect Invocation on a double 6. 

What’s more, every spellcaster can attempt to dispel their opponents’ conjurations – provided they’re within 18” as first and second-level casters, or 24” at levels three and four. Roll 2D6 and add your level to the roll – if you beat the casting roll, the target spell is cancelled. A double 6 counts as an Unbinding, dispelling no matter the casting roll, but should you roll a double 1, you’ve been Outclassed in the Art – and you must roll on the Miscast Table…

What’s more, both Casting and Dispel rolls can be further modified by the wealth of magic items available to Wizards, and by a number of special rules. It’s a real battle of arcane wits out there.

If a player finds themselves unable to attempt a Wizardly dispel, they may make one Fated Dispel per turn – an unmodified 2D6 attempt. To offset this, certain units (notably Dwarfs) have an innate resistance to magic, making it harder for enemy wizards to cast spells upon them successfully. Yet even Dwarfs have some recourse to the arcane – Runesmiths are perfectly capable of making dispel attempts.

Damsels Causing Distress

Let’s take a closer look at one of the first spellslingers to be released next year – the Bretonnian Handmaiden of the Lady. From the lowliest first-level Damsel to the mightiest Prophetess, these formidable priestesses of the Lady of the Lake may pick from three spell lores: naturalistic Elementalism, tricksy Illusion, or Battle Magic for when a direct approach is best.

She’s at her best when she’s joined by a unit, as her aura confers Magical Attacks and  Magic Resistance (-2) to the brave men and women she leads, and her Shield of the Lady ability allows her to seek sanctuary in the back rank where she can cast her spells untroubled by the aggression of the foe.

As a Battle Magic user, her signature spell is Hammerhand, an Assailment cast in combat to add considerable threat to the charge of the noble knights who flank her. Elementalists can Storm Call an enemy unit, slowing them and dulling their wits to soften them up for a charge, while Illusionists may cast a Glittering Robe on their allies, making them harder to hit in combat. No Knights of the Realm should leave the keep without a Damsel in tow.

In summary, though the Magic system may be simplified from editions past, it retains its tactical depth – your spells can still change the course of the game, but they’re more blended into the action, leading to a smoother experience. What’s more, because the ranges have been cut short both for spells and dispels, canny generals have to put a lot more thought into where they station their Wizards and how they’re used, both in casting their own spells and countering enemy magic.

Next week we’ll be investigating the Grail Knights – living saints and exemplars of the Bretonnian way of life – and seeing how they interact with the Universal Special Rules.

And for the full article, go here:
The Old World Cometh Again !!! / Magic "Phase"
« Last post by Dazgrim on December 05, 2023, 10:17:30 AM »
Mostly happy with what's been shown for the magic system. I'm disappointed that there's no resource management for spell casting, unless there's a way to power spells up, low levels casters will struggle with some spells we've been shown.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Bases – Round or Square????
« Last post by JAK on December 05, 2023, 10:13:45 AM »
In the magic preview the Unicorn was called Monstrous Cavalry on a base size of 40 x60 mm. This would seem to be a reasonable modelling size base for normal cavalry as well, but would it be too wide for combat rules – a unit of 5 cavalry would be wrapping round infantry in 5 man ranks from the start. Might be resolved next week when they talk about the Grail Knights.
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