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Brechausen's Bogenhafen Flock
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(OOC: Here is a fluff write up of a battle I had against Brettonians in preparation for the Nemesis Crown.)

Anders Brechausen sat gazing across the open field, waiting for the rival army. To his right, the five knights of the Bogenhafen Chalice Order calmed their horses. To his immediate right he could see where Captain Koenig had tied his Pegasus to a tree as he went to do his business in the woods. Not for the first time the Warrior Priest shook his head at the unmilitary manner of the man who was supposed to be leading his troops in a practice drill with an unknown foe.

‘It’s just practice, not a real battle!’ the wealthy merchant’s son had stated only moments before when Brechausen had counseled him on his deployment. The man had no regard for anyone and would no doubt have his entire army killed before the Nemesis Crown was ever found. As Koenig had moved into the trees Brechausen had deftly changed a couple points in the deployment, putting his spear unit where they could hold the gap in the trees ahead. The cannon was going to have to stay on the exposed hill, it was too late to move it.

Brechausen looked once again at his men, his flock. It was his duty to see to the spiritual welfare of each and every man. Now he was making it his business to keep them physically safe as well. He had been approached by several men on the march who confessed of their temptation to desert. Each one had cited their Captain’s attitude toward them as a primary reason. Brechausen would have to sit down and talk things out with the young Captain, and if things did not change soon he would have the man sent home.

‘Incompetent leaders get you killed’ the Priest muttered to himself as a herald approached.

‘What was that M’Lord?’ the man in the bright red tunic asked.

‘Just a prayer to Sigmar in preparation of the battle’ he responded curtly.

‘Just so long as your force knows the battle to be a mock up’ the man replied timidly. Brechausen simply nodded. ‘Then prepare your men.’ He hurried off through the bushes where Captain Edwin Koenig was just emerging.

After three tries Koenig finally remounted his Pegasus and turned to Brechausen. ‘Is it time to begin yet Your Grace?’ The Priest repeated the nod he had given the herald earlier. Koenig was oblivious.

Peering ahead Brechausen could see a group of men scrambling up a hillside across the field. He could not make out any livery yet and was unsure which army they were facing. He could see that they were carrying longbows. Another herald appeared on the far hill and raised a red flag in a series of gestures and a third herald standing by the Bogenhafen cannon replied with his flag. ‘Cannon crew is dead!’ he loudly announced.

Brechausen muttered a combination of curses and prayers to himself as several groups or knights appeared in the distance under a red Errantry Banner. The loss of the cannon was inevitable, but the men needed leadership now even in a mock battle. They needed to be able trust their leader with their lives. He turned to Koenig to see how he would reply.

‘Brettonians?’ the Captain asked no one in particular. ‘Errant Knights?’ He seemed to recover from his shock seeing his mock enemy start to charge. With out any command to his men, he spurred his Pegasus into the air and straight at two columns of knights headed directly at their position.

‘Maybe if we are lucky he will kill himself today’ whispered someone in the Halberdier detachment behind Brechausen. He had to stop himself from answering the man. There would be no confidence gained today. He noticed the men were looking at him for guidance and began to bark orders. If the men thought Koenig a fool, Brechausen had their complete respect and his orders were promptly followed.

Heralds began to pop out from hiding, pulling troops off the line from both armies. The Brettonian lances thundered past Koenig leaving him confused and in front of a group of bowmen. Brechausen noticed his sacrifice did slow down the knights and allowed him time to maneuver men to draw away some of the Knights. Pistoleers began harassing a group of Knights on the opposite flank and the Spears were holding Knights from the space between the trees.

Few actual blows were struck and when all was said and done men of both armies were rounded up, the damage was assessed, and points were awarded. The General Herald called for the leaders of both armies to meet in the gap to report the results. Koenig was being helped from his armor by his squire as he had been ordered to foot for the fighting. His Pegasus led off as a casualty. The man was actually winded from running in his full plate to the nearest tree!

Anders Brechausen rode forward to receive the verdict from the herald. ‘This is Sir Tristran du Lothar, of Brettonia M’Lord.’ He introduced the Warrior Priest to the Knight and they graciously bowed to each other. The herald then raised his voice for all to hear and shouted ‘Under the rules agreed upon for mock combat, the points have been totaled to equate to a draw!’

Cheers went up from both sides and Brechausen noticed his men looked at ease for the first time since their long march to Talabcland. He had earned their respect and they had fought for him. They deserved the merry-making and rest they would enjoy that night.

‘It is a pleasure to aid the Empire in this endeavor’ Sir Lothar commented holding out his gauntleted palm. Brechausen gripped the knight’s hand warmly; his smile an eerie sight for it contorted the scar through his left eye.

‘Aye, it was a good fight, for a fake battle. We are pleased to have your aid in these perilous times’ Brechausen responded. ‘We will need any help we can get’ he thought to himself. He pushed the thoughts of broken alliances from others aside and tried to focus on rewarding his men. ‘Will you dine with us tonight Sir Knight?’
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"The problem in my last battle was that my detachment was too detached!"