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Characters - A Quick Fluffy Reference of your Men
« on: May 31, 2007, 12:51:06 PM »
I'm sorry if there's already another one of these threads hovering around, but I haven't been able to find one here yet. Basically, this thread (the venture was started by Daft) is for quick access for those from other races that would wish to include a character from the Empire in their stories. Furthermore, it'll help to serve to keep the Warhammer community linked together, both forum-wise and fluff-wise. Whilst I know that this is a closed forum, I also know that many other races-specific sites also have closed forums, so it probably isn't an issue. Here are the others that I know of so far:


Ogre Kingdoms

Wood Elves


High Elves


Dark Elves

Vampire Counts

Beasts of Chaos


Orcs, Goblins and Chaos Dwarfs
Tomb Kings

Hordes of Chaos

Feel free to add your characters here. :)

EDIT: Thanks Jerok for the name change. Also, you can post links to all the other fluff. Such a depth of background material should not go wasted. :)
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Re: Your Characters in the Nemesis Crown
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2007, 01:09:52 PM »
The recruitment thread has this, but you have to do some sifting.  If this is to be the place where we colaborate the specifics than I'm fine with that.

My character for the campaign is Ortolf von Brennenburg. A lowborn, he left the orphanage in Brennenburg, Wissenland at the age of 12 and joined the army. He served bravely for many years working his way through the ranks of various regiments into the Wissenburg Greatswords.

Through his achievements he was entitled a tract of land near the River Aulen at the base of the Black Mountains. The land offered nothing but a few abandoned villages and a decrepate mill but the title Landgraf accompanied his entitlement, the lowest title achievable in the realm. This was given in order for him to lead troops at a higher level with minimal strife between himself and other nobles.

He has little patience for hot headed young upstarts. On the flip side he has great admiration for nobles who have been forged in the heat of battle. Since he had no family growing up, he sees his men as his family, and they see him as some what of a father figure.
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Re: Your Characters in the Nemesis Crown
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2007, 01:58:36 PM »
For the campaign my troops will be led by Rupert Ironside, at the head of his White Company, a mercenary force available for hire now!1 They've fought from Beekerhoven to Verezzo - always a gleaming sword for a glinting crown.

Although named the White Company, their uniforms are in fact red and white. The history of the company is that they were founded with pure white uniforms, but after the third battle of Helmgart their uniforms were so soaked in blood, and fresh white ones were so expensive, that the change became permanent.

Rupert and his men are naturally worshippers of Myrmidia, the Goddess of War. Ulric is a fine deity for smelly barbarians, but warfare is really a science and an art - an art whose muse is none other than the daughter of Verena and Morr. Believing that no battle would be complete without the roar of blackpowder and the soaring of death towards the enemy, Rupert has recently invested a large amount of his savings on cannon and handguns, straight from the forges of Nuln.

At the moment they march through the Barren Hills, looking for employment during the hunt for the Nemesis Crown.

1 Terms and Conditions apply. Pigeon bomb rates may vary.

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Re: Your Characters in the Nemesis Crown
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2007, 02:39:08 PM »
Adelfried Heller is the last heir of a long line of stewards who ruled a small principality in southern Solland.  When Solland was overrun 700 years ago, the Heller family and their peasantry fled to Averland to resettle.

Raised in a Sigmarite monastery (which apparently did little good for him), Heller set out as a young man with ambitions of regaining a foothold in his abandoned ancestral homeland.  As luck would have it, Heller found that Emmanuelle von Liebewitz (the Countess of Wissenland) was entirely disinterested in the orc-infested wilderness and her treasurer had instructions to sell titles to the land to any wardens foolish enough to take her up.  Being of noble decent, he is legally permitted to purchase the land (and serve it under the crown of the Countess), but unfortunately his parents died in financial ruin and without any significant family estate.  Undeterred, Heller won over the respect of several important allies, including a company of Averland's famous Landsknechte mercenaries (recently without a captain) and Averland's local Order of the Black Bear (itself another story).  The result was an infamously boisterous mercenary company, with which Heller hopes to earn enough to purchase back his family's title.

At his side, Heller travels with an elderly advisor to his father (the Gold Wizard Gottlieb von Schwab) and the stern, perpetually disapproving senior priest, Heinrich Fromm, who was sent from the monastery to look after Heller (and generally to be a wall between Heller and Fromm's daughter, Adalia!)

The company's rowdy, glorious and grim motto reads as follows:

"ihr sofft mit Dämonen gerad' aus den Höllen,
die grässliche Bieste haben auch fast gewonnen,
dann wuscht ihr den Boden mit dem Sieg,
und kotztet bis ihr im tiefsten Schlaf liegt."

Currently they are marching through the forest roads of the Empire, heading for the Headless Badger for a beer and a fight or two.
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Re: Your Characters in the Nemesis Crown
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Witch Hunter Captain Karl van Drak is the final descendant of the van Drak family, the original rulers of Sylvania. His ascencestor was Franz van Drak, the hated cousin of Otto, and he feels that it is his birthright to be Count, not (the possibly deceased) Mannfred von Carstein.

To this end, he has taken it upon himself to rid the world of the von Carsteins once and for all, and has assembled a righteous crusade to purge not only Sylvania, but the entire Old World of witchcraft, blasphemy and heresy.

He has absolutely no respect for the authority of the State, only the Church, and places faith above everything. In van Drak's eyes, his theft of the Steam Tank Divine Vengeance was entirely justified. The Righteous Crusade has converted this pride of the Engineers' Guild into a moblie shrine to Sigmar, and it now forms the spearhead of his 'army'.

In addition to this, he has constructed his own fortified home within the woods of Sylvania, where he can cause as much grief to the usurpers of his state as possible, and live in his own land!

Having heard rumours of a certain 'Nemesis Crown', van Drak has mobilised his Crusade and headed for the Great Forest, in order to purge whatever blasphemy they might find and destroy the accursed trinket...

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Re: Characters - A Quick Fluffy Reference of your Men
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2007, 08:26:21 AM »
Reynard of Bogenhafen, second in command of the great confleunce muster.

Rough shod, sharp as a nail, and as hard as the hammer that drives it.

His goals are to find this damn crown if thats what the Emperor wishes, and to get his men home.

In his service is the prophet himself,

Luthor Huss, a man of legend and great piety.

Home or Glory!
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Re: Characters - A Quick Fluffy Reference of your Men
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2007, 09:54:12 AM »
Konrad is a drunken loud mouth who's only reason for taking part in the campaign is a young mage by the name of Barthel is paying him quite a reasonable sum of money. His armies services aren't cheap!

On the other hand before the death of his wife Isabelle, Konrad was a Kind man, quite skilled with a sword and many a men who had crossed paths with him say that he was blessed by Sigmar and bound for great things, all of this changed during the chaos incursion when his wife died, giving birth to their only child, Sophie. This was the trigger that sent him on his downward spiral. That's the rough outline of my fluff and all I've done :-D
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Re: Characters - A Quick Fluffy Reference of your Men
« Reply #7 on: June 05, 2007, 08:11:51 PM »
Master Boris Hertwig.

A Knight of the White Wolf, fighting in the Barren Hills. He is an Ulrican, and sees these armies traipsing around the Empire as aggressors (this includes Elves, Dwarfs and others who are on the side of 'good').
He still worships Taal, Rhya (even Ursun, having fought in Kislev many times) and Morr. Sigmar, to him, is worth worshipping, but prefers the aforementioned gods.
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Re: Characters - A Quick Fluffy Reference of your Men
« Reply #8 on: June 06, 2007, 01:39:53 AM »
Helmut Helstromm (or of the Heavens) readies to fight for the Empire! A Celestial wizard born in Altdorf, his adventures took him all the way to Talabhiem, where after playing politics and saving a certain count's son, was found to be not only a trusted adviser to Talabheim's court, but a famed general as well. With him, in an unlikely friendship, is the Warrior Priest Hans Schliess. A Talabenclad native, he turned to Sigmar after seeing another warrior priest defend his small home village from a Beastman raid, at the cost of the priest's life. The two command their contingents in Talabhiem, ready to defend the Empire at any cost!

E:^^Just to clarify, yes I am using two characters, because I am undecided whether to use a Wizard or Priest. I will register w/ one, then write fluff as both. Pretty sure it will work.
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Re: Characters - A Quick Fluffy Reference of your Men
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Graf Veldemere a surly and generally unpleasant man, bought up in Nuln in an affluent family with roots among the nobility in Solland. His privilidged upbringing bought him some of the best schooling in the Empire with a promising career in politics ahead of him. Shunning this he joined the local knightly order, working his way up through the ranks he was called up to the Reiksgard, achieving the rank of captain.
After his parents sudden death he returned to Nuln a very wealthy man, through his contacts he set up the Knight Tigris a knightly order with the goal to remove all trace of evil from the former realm of Solland.
Through influence and support of other nobles he now runs a sizable semi private army more bent than ever on restoring the realm even declaring himself a self-styled Elector Count.
He will always avoid working alongside Kurt Helborg due to his use of the Solland Runefang with no right. He has finally achieved an element of recognition from the Emperor with the addition of a detachment of the Hunters of Sigmar as state troops.
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