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Additional information on NC Site
« on: June 25, 2007, 06:03:03 PM »
Hi Folks,

Having registered I was looking around the NC website to see if there way any new information.

By going to the war room and clicking on a region (Barren Hills in my case) there is some information available on the GW highlighted locations.

The Barren Hills ones are..

Egondorf sits closer to the Barren Hills than its inhabitants would wish, and as such comes under frequent attack by twisted and malformed things from the hills, fortunately for Egondorf, it is home to the Witch Hunter Walter von Khan, a man in equal parts celebrated and feared throughout the region.  Von Khan is a veteran of his calling, having served for decades in Altdorf, he has returned to his home village at the hour of its greatest need to defeat once and for all those who would prey upon it.

The Bitter Moon
The Bitter Moon stands at the centre of a wide area of cleared forest, for all manner of blasphemous creatures are known to haunt the woods hereabouts.  Yet, each year the undergrowth seeks to reclaim the land, and it is only by the efforts of the Bitter Moon's landlord (who hires labourers to fell the ever-encroaching woods) that darkness is held at bay and the creatures lurking beneath the trees kept back.  The landlord knows that should he ever run out of funds to pay for the annual clearing, the Bitter Moon would soon be swallowed by the forests, and the creatures would get him.  Some say he's a bit obsessive in this matter, but those who have seen the glowing eyes shining beneath the boughs know otherwise.

The Tower of Vigilance
The Tower of Vigilance has stood for many centuries, maintained painstakingly by its inhabitants and constantly fortified against any possible assault.  It is so well protected in fact that is was one of the only structures to survive Morrslieb's spite when it rained down upon the region.  Its occupants are an obscure order of Sigmarite monks who keep watch over the locale.  Though they maintain little contact with any outsiders, it is said that the monks await the return of Sigmar, when they will go out into the land and aid him expelling the servants of evil once and for all.

There are also entries for Tor Thana, The Giants Tump, Marchen's Henge, the ruined/abandoned fort and the skaven lair (which seems to be an orc camp now??).  But as you can't copy and paste from the war room and I dont have time to type it all out you'll need to go read it.  :-)

[Edit: for the rest of the Barren Hills info see the regional thread, Tostig has done the rest of the typing  :-) ]
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