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Capture the Tower of Moonrise - Event
« on: July 15, 2007, 05:38:11 PM »
Didnt see anything posted yet in regards to GW events, So I figured I would start one here.

Location: GW - Arizona
Battle Size: Mega-Battle 6,000pt (12 players 1,000 each)
Forces of Light: Empire x3, Dwarf, High Elf, Wood Elf
Forces of Darkness: Hordes of Chaos (Slaanesh, Khorne, Tzeentch), Tomb King x3

Report: The forces of darkness made a brilliant (random dice roll) execution of strategy and deployed next to the Tower of Moonrise.  Forming a very formiable center with tomb guard, shaggoths, chosen warriors of slaanesh and skeletal archers, not to mention a few heroes.  The rest of the force was spread out to defend the flanks.  Forces of light, not having a leader, spread out across the board.  Multiple units of knights were left to far out on the flanks to do anything effective, the center was held by greatswords and dwarf longbeards, numerous cannons and handgunners dotted the board, wood elf scouts and lothern sea guard supported the far left flank with bow fire.

As the battle progressed both sides made horrible dice rolls, for nearly 3 turns only a handful of rank and file were killed and it looked like the forces of darkness would hold the tower.  In fact, only a few elements of the battle are worth mentioning.  1) In the center a slaanesh sorcerer cast enrapturing spasms on the greatswords and their captain, allowing the shaggoth to storm in and annihilate the unit only to be shot down by a helblaster volley gun.  2) On the right flank, khorne chosen warriors and an exalted daemon of khorne finished off 4 units of empire knights and a wizard.  The khorne chosen warriors were eventually harried by wood elf scouts and would fail to finish them off, and Luthor Huss himself finished of the exalted daemon and his bloodletters.  3) The far left flank saw very little action until the final turns of the game when a warrior priest led group of knights comically chased a unit of tomb king scavengers around the board.  The greatest moment of the battle (imo) is when a giant, attached to the empire (me) managed to hold out against a unit of chosen slaaneshi knights, its champion and an exalted champion of slaanesh; and proceded to place not only the unit champion in his pants but the exalted champion as well, followed by the following turn killing the other 5 chosen knights with a swing of his club.

In the end however, the forces of darkness won the day and captured the Tower of Moonrise. 

I would like to suggest to all readers, if you are particpating in a mega battle, to step up and take control if no one does.  Read the scenario description several times prior to the event.  I believe the next event is The Hanging Tree, which should be a breeze for empire and dwarf players.
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Re: Capture the Tower of Moonrise - Event
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2007, 05:50:37 PM »
That is if scenarios are run correctly.  If I manage to get to one I'm going to be running I think 4 cannons and 30 flaggelants in 2 units of 15 as my anti tree force.