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Entry Into The Back Table ...
« on: March 06, 2023, 10:25:45 AM »
Please read this carefully below, and except for requests to be in or out of the "Pure of Heart" and "Bar Brawlers" user groups, please don't post anything else in this thread, thank you.

And note ... the number of posts requirement listed further down is not necessary for a person to request being put into the "Pure of Heart" category, although it is required for being placed in the "Bar Brawlers" category.

 - - -

As a way to be responsive to some of the concerns about the Back Table, and until we come up with something else, we are doing the following ...

1.  As this gets implemented  most folks will be able to see the Back Table until implementation is fully in place.

2.  We have made corrections to the "Pure of Heart" user group ... these folks won't be able to see the Back Table, providing a sense of safety in the event we have issues with implementation along the way.  There are at least a half a dozen folks that are in this group currently, and if there's an interest by anyone else to be included in this category, feel free to request such by posting in this thread or by sending a pm to me.

Your user name will show up in white representing your desired purity.

3.  We are re-implementing the "Bar Brawlers" user group ... this will be only for those who are interested in participation for what is an almost free wheeling manner, where moderation is lighter than usual, and discussion of non-hobby related topics such as politics, religion, etc, can happen.  Such topics can get to be a bit lively to say the least, and so you've been warned.

Your user name will show up in purple, for the bruises that might be acquired.

4.  Regular members will be required to have at least 25 posts in the regular forum area before entrance into the Back Table is granted ... please post your interest in this thread if you're interested in partaking in the Back Table experience, while all those previously listed in this user group will continue to be, unless we here from anyone otherwise via this thread or by pm to me.

5.  Requests made in this thread or pmed to me, these may not get acted upon immediately, balancing other issues and my time being what it is.  So I ask for your patience accordingly.

 - - -

As always, other feedback regarding the W-E website can be provided in The Town Guild Hall area, and please don't provide such in this thread here, thank you! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::
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