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Interview with former GW designer James Hewitt ...
« on: March 10, 2023, 07:39:28 PM »
Here’s a video interview with James Hewitt, former GW designer of Betrayal at Calith, Silver Tower, Gorechosen, the new Necromunda, Titanticus, and the new Blood Bowl …


This conversation includes ...

A review of his history in the industry

Game design

A story about Chaos Dwarf hats :icon_lol:

Why 1st scenario of Calith is what it is

Comments about Jervis Johnson

Lots of chat on 40K situation

Talk of beginner vs. advanced for games

His favorite current game is ... an RPG :icon_eek:

His recipe for mashed potatoes

Playtesting at GW … quanity vs. game testing, the allusion of balance, how perfection creates a diminishing of returns ::heretic::

Comments on Underworlds

The Votan Codex and GW's 1st apology video

The concept of time/quality/cost.

Game design at GW

Mordheim ... and the fish. :icon_cool:

Necromunda ... the wild west approach.

And ... his hopes for Warhammer: The Old World
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