Author Topic: Empire still a good army build possible @ 2400  (Read 3900 times)

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Empire still a good army build possible @ 2400
« on: November 07, 2012, 10:39:09 PM »
I recently bought the new empire book and saw some major nerfed changes to the last pretty good book. After my dwarfs and Tomb Kings i would like to build on my next army. I like High Elves, but they really only can make one build tho play them also competative. Wood elves are too weak right now and also one viable build is possible. Ogres, very nice but too hard, everybody seems to build the standard netlist with them here.

But I was wondering is it still possible to make nice different list @2400 points with EmpireSay one infantry and one cavalry based armybuild. I always likes the empire and all the different army options. In 7th it could be a nice and hard army to compete with.

What are nice combo's nowadays with the new book? Must haves or useless units and a small motivation.

Hope to hear from you, it should convince me starting Empire!

Cheers Kris