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A soldiers prayer
« on: August 19, 2005, 12:37:53 PM »
A few faltering candles brought a dim light in the fluttering shadows against the mural. The Mural. The "Miracle of Kaltenbach".
It was here that the wolf pelted warrior was kneeling, drifting slowly out of meditation to the dull rhythmic pounding of cannons in the distance.

Mournfully he looked up and let his thought wander ... "I came as soon as news of war broke out. I was not in time for the defence of Fort Gregory,

I heard only tales of the legendary defence there. But when our armies drove on to the Watchmen I was there. I saw with my own eyes how my brothers held back the waves and waves of Stirlanders. Our stubborn defence there will become a legend. I remember the stubborn Sergeant saying 'ain't no easy at the Uneasy' - that was our watchword - at the 'Uneasy'. And the joined us kislevs ... them and their "smile"

"And now the Ottilians surround us, surround beautiful, Sacred Kaltenbach, I will defend once again that which is true and holy."

"Oh lord, you have favoured us with one Miracle in this city. Now when we are surrounded will you favour us with another?"

His Aid de Camp who had stepped in unnoticed coughed softly "Sir, orders from General Herzog Richter - we are to lead a diversion attack on the East ridge"

"The East ridge?!" he scowled in shocked disbelief.
"That is where the Talabeclanders have stationed their big guns. Why a diversion? Is it so that Richter can escape to the North?" a rhetorical question.
"It is a 'Miracle' that domkopff chose the right trousers to wear this morning - Brown for when he soils himself again" he growled.

As the warrior and his ADC made for their horses he glanced over his shoulder to the mural and mumbled under his breathe "A Miracle"
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"I was there! With the Men of Erlach!"

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A soldiers prayer
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Between yourself, Midaski and Rufas there is some nice writing going on here.

Hope I didn't skip someone that I should have included.

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A soldiers prayer
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-kill 'em all, let ULRIC sort 'em out