Author Topic: Round 6 Conditions, Modifiers, Tally Date  (Read 2328 times)

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Round 6 Conditions, Modifiers, Tally Date
« on: August 25, 2005, 04:08:54 PM »
Ulric's Favour
Father Lynssl was nearly reduced to crawling when he entered the Temple of Kaltenbach. He had lost count of the days he had spent upon the ramparts, or riding out along the north bank of the Talabec. Always in the midst of the fight, his cadre of Teutogen Guard around him. So few of them now remained. His limbs ached. The wound on his forehead had started bleeding again. Painfully, Lynssl knelt before the altar, preparing his evening prayer before he would retire for a few hours' worth of cat-nap. Tomorrow would undoubtedly be the same.

Yet, before he could begin, the mural... Moved. A chill ran down Lynssl's spine. The Father was about to speak to him again! How blessed was he to witness such a miracle twice!

The intricate figures swirled, melted into each other, until they formed a monstrous wolf's head which filled the entire mural. The fiery yellow eyes fixed their gaze firmly upon the priest, who threw himself prostrate. The voice boomed with such power that the very walls of the keep shook.


Lynssl looked up. The mural had returned to its original design. Trembling, he got to his feet and staggered to the massive oaken door of the temple. He could heer the soldiers cheering outside before he even opened it.

The staunch defense of the Mission of Kaltenbach has impressed the Wolf God. Word of His Favour spreads like wildfire among the ranks of Middenlanders and Kislevites alike. Their cause is truly blessed! All battles reported by the Middenland-Kislev Alliance during this round will gain a +25% modifier.

Streets of Bechafen
The confused and brutal fighting in the town of Bechafen increases in sheer horror with each passing day. Of entire regiments sent in, often only a few dozen men now remain, fuelled by hatred so deep that the mere killing of their enemies is not enough. Wether they are still entirely human is a matter for the priests to resolve, but as street fighters, these men are unparalleled.

The Base points value for a Skirmish report in Bechafen is increased to 400 points. However, you may only report one Skirmish per day in Bechafen. Note that this is on top of your regular battle allowance - ie. you can report one regular battle and one Bechafen Skirmish per day.

Gernot Commits
Marshall Gernot was shocked when he received the interrogation reports of Talabecland soldiers returned from Bechafen. The fact that they had to be forcibly brought back to the Talabeclander positions and interrogated was bad enough - but the horrific tales they told the priests tending to them galled even the weathered Marshall. He realized all too well that such atrocities would go a long way in destroying the frail support he had been winning among the Ostermarkers. His plans would have to be accellerated. To buy the Marshall the time he needed, he ordered the freshly arrived "Kaiserinn"-corps to assault Bechafen at once.

All battles reported by Talabecland at Bechafen gain a +25% bonus modifier this round.

(unless this is not good for Calvin, in which case he'll let you know)
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Round 6 Conditions, Modifiers, Tally Date
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2005, 01:32:35 AM »
It's wednesday now and the tally still has to begin. No big deal, but maybe one of you guys could make a post in the battle report forum that this round is closed, to avoid confusion...

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