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The Final Journal!
« on: September 27, 2005, 04:12:26 PM »
The final journal is here! It may have taken a little while, but we are sure you will agree that it's been worth the wait. In Journal #3 you will find historical documents concerning the end of the War of Ostermark Succession, the immediate aftermath, the fates of all involved, and a good deal more besides. Go check it out!


This, then, marks the end of the War of Ostermark Succession - Warhammer-Empire.com's first online campaign. It's been an amazing process putting this thing together, and a world of joy to see it become a success. From the moment Grutch volunteered me to manage this monster, I've had the distinct honour to work with a very talented group of people - their hard work and great creative skills allowed this to be so much more than tallying points on a website. They have made history unfold in all its drama, from soft whisper to roaring oration, from secret dagger to gleaming cannon, from wretched beggar to mighty noble - all accompanied by the tools and rules that allowed you, the participant, to be a living part of this history, and all presented to you with a level of professionalism far beyond anything we had darted dream of. Give these guys a round of applause - they have earned it!

And let's not forget the participants themselves - that is, you - who stuck with us while we struggled through the design phase, and pounced on the finished product with an amount of enthusiasm once again beyond our wildest imagination. The hundreds of battles you guys reported breathed life into everything the team had created, and frankly, made the whole deal worth the effort twice over. You have proven beyond doubt that this community has what it takes to support a project of this magnitude - which means that we will be doing it again!

A big, fat "thank you" to all those involved,

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