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Age of Sigmar / Re: Rumours and what's new to be expected of WAoS
« Last post by Jmash on Today at 12:25:33 PM »
I just got myself a couple of the old Start Collecting Skeleton Hoard boxes before the skellies went OOP, this new one with Grave Guard and the new Wight King is a very welcome sight, no mortarch thingymabob to have to get rid of.

I'm going to end up with a hell of a lot of Black Knights though!
Yes Arto, that's exactly my thoughts too. It won't have to make me rich, but happy and looking forward to go up. Right now, going up at 6am, stressing to get ready and go to work, then pick-up at pre-school and go home until next day aint living, it's surviving. My wife's applying for work now too since her education is finished. All the economic responsibilities won't lie solely on my income. I make more than my co-workers, but money ain't everything.

I get one big game of warhammer in every year, but have lots of armies others could enjoy. I know almost every mini in and out, from reading the old catalogues from 2003 by GW. And know the prices too, points costs etc. I have made great deals in the past year, gaining me two armies of large sizes, from buying and trading. If I dedicate more time to it, maybe just one or two days from my other work, it will be enough and make those days bearable.  Time is scarce, life's short and I want to make the best of it. Some sort of legacy, something to look back to when I annoy the nurses at the retirement home by the story of Sigmar and the great battles of times gone by  :biggriin: :biggriin: :biggriin:
Like when my Arch Lector with mace of helsturm one-shotted a ethereal Slann "You need a five or more to kill him you know" as my opponent said before I rolled the dice or other cool stories. 

And I'll host a Eurobash for all of you, celebrating life and rolling dices!  :::cheers:::
The Count's Tavern / Re: Unhappy Random thoughts...
« Last post by Artobans Ghost on Today at 11:57:09 AM »
I have always found a loss like a slow burn. You get through it at the beginning it really sets in over time. Thatís a lot of loss on a short space.

My condolences
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: Painting Tau ...
« Last post by Artobans Ghost on Today at 11:51:42 AM »
Well that looks really nice, go for it! :)

From the master Tau painter no less. Iíve seen nothing better than SKSís tau painting skills. The best. Of course if you go to his blog, you may end up burning your brushes and dumping your paint but thatís the risk 😺
A space for gaming of all types from chess/board games to magic to miniatures surrounded by game related items, coffee station for sale to generate a cash flow has always appealed to me as well. You could hold tournaments/gaming events for a fee as well. Something to cover costs while the setup takes care of the mental flow. Itís so important to have something you want to look forward to.
From age 18 - about 50 all I did was work. 6 days a week and in 32 years I had only 4 weeks vacation. I had a family as well and when all is said and done, it was not worth the work effort. A lot of time lost.
My son is 27 and works all the time as well but vacations and time off are included and he wants out of the trades by 30 so a change is coming but itís balanced. More than anything, your health and mental well being are the most important and if the gaming environment provides that, go for it but donít expect great revenues. If it just pays for itself and provides an escape, then it serves its purpose.
So this year has really got me thinking about life and what I want out from it. Might be a 30 years crisis, but the things I really care about, apart from family, are warhammer, magic and other various games. Started at seven years old with a box of questing knights and 23 years later I'm still passionated about it. I've talked about starting a association, got a group with members, but that requires a lot of work to do. Time is not on my side, with a full time stressful work with constant change of management, cutbacks, noise and a family at home. Having a kid myself also means I have sounds of children at home, and it's been hard to let go of work, since it sometimes just feels as I'm working, and not doing stuff for myself.

Having hit the wall for the third time in seven years  :eusa_wall: I'm really concerned about my mental health and memory. Right now I know I'm sick and that's why I do odd stuff like freezing in eggs or microwaving milk, having a hard time listening to conversations and other stress related issues.

But, what happens if I get burned-out a fourth, fifth, or more times? 35 years until retirement, how do I want to spend those? How much will my memory suffer, and in the long-run, I don't enjoy my work very much any more.

Spoke to my landlord, who is really friendly, business minded and got 3 empty spaces is the building we moved into in January. These spaces don't generate any income at the moment. Going to have a meeting with her, a view of the spaces and who knows, I might even get to do something I'm really passionated about. Trying to trade, buy and sale minis to create more armies for demos, lending out, getting terrain etc. People pay a montly fee for a place to work out, will they pay for a space to play in, if it has tables set up and ready to go, offering a painting station, play vidoegames?

Also selling paints, models, TCG etc, while offering the community something to do in the colder months. Co-operating with other companies for coffee, snacks etc. Setting up pre-releases, tournaments, campaigns, things I myself love.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Unhappy Random thoughts...
« Last post by GamesPoet on Today at 10:28:39 AM »
That is all quite the bummer.

Rest up, have some yummy food,  and take it all one step at a time. :::cheers:::
The Imperial Office / Re: The cheapest mercenaries (FB novel)
« Last post by GamesPoet on Today at 10:13:27 AM »
Welcome to W-E! Take a look around, become a part of the community, and enjoy! :::cheers:::
It really is quite amazing what can be found for fold up tables, and so I second the idea.
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: Painting Tau ...
« Last post by StealthKnightSteg on Today at 09:37:17 AM »
Well that looks really nice, go for it! :)
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