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Some ideas.
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I've read thru most of the ideas for what to do with the empire lord and hero choices and come to some conclutions of my own.

First of all, characters should not be too complex, a dozen different upgrades to witchhunters snipers, chefs and whatnot just make it feel cluttered, but that might just be my opinion(clearly). So here are some of my thoughts

GotE     100pts
same as always, gets Imperial Discipline.
Imperial Discipline lets him, once per game, make a unit within 12" automatically pass a leadership test as if they rolled a double 1.
One unit of Greatswords becomes core if you field him, when he is with them they are immune to panic in addition to being stubborn.

Templar Grandmaster 150pts
same as now and he has built in Laurels of Victory on the Charge.
One unit of Inner Circle as core

Makes him Unique and frees up space from the 8 magic items we'll be alotted

Wizard lord, same as always, love this guy^^

AL 150pts
Now also gives the unit he is with Immune to fear and Terror, would maybe put in another God or two to worship, and make the WA make the apropriate change, ie, if you worship Morr the WA has the lore of Death, and if you worship Talia or who ever the naturegoddess is, make it have life and if you worship Ulric it has Lore of beasts. one priestlore is pretty thin... But they should not make it to complex with many gods, your opponents should see the difference and know what to expect when they fight you.

And one unit of flagellants become core when you field him, and strip that from the WP

Captain of the empire, slight point increase, maybe 60.
Imperial Resolve: once per game he may make the unit he is with stubborn for one round.

represents him shouting HOOOOOOOOLD!!!! in his best William Wallace voice so the unit has the chance to last that crucial extra round of combat in the grindfest that is 8th edition
And the ability would tie him in beautifully with the general^^

WP 100pts
lose the ability to make a unit of flagellants core, but instead counts as having a built in icon of magnus. Icon isnt that much of a big deal now a days but as they will probably only get 8 magic items it would tie in nicely as back in 7th you always had a WP with it and it is very flavorful to make the WP help the unit he is with to stand tall in the face of terror.

the increase in pointscost is both for the antiterror ability which is pretty fringe as it is, but mostly he is just a really good choice so the cost should take that into account.

Add in Senechal at 90pts, fighty hero level version of the Templar Grand Master, gives knights hes with Immune to Psychology.
may be upgraded to BSB

That is my thoughts for now^^