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Warhammer Fantasy Fan Project - The Last Incursion
« on: February 25, 2021, 10:25:29 AM »
We are working on writing a story that is based on End Times and changes some key moments of the story, we want to create sort of public work that people can read that is based on the concept of alternative version of what happens during the Chaos Incursion started by Archeon. We'll be rewriting some plot points that people didn't like and deaths that felt too empty. The entire goal of the book is to change the story in a more significant way without the Warhammer Fantasy World dying and with some major characters surviving, while the others getting more tragic deaths. If you are interested in this project and want to watch news about it, we have our own chat where we discuss the lore creation and changes, also character list and place where we brainstorm ideas for the story, since it is more of a public project, anyone can join - https://discord.gg/bhPg2NEVCq.

Since I know, that there is another project that rewrites End Times called Endhammer, this one is more about writing our own book with changes in plot. We are trying to find interesting ways to making the Old World of Warhammer more dangerous by the end of the Incursion of Chaos without necessarily destroying it. We need some people who know a lot about Warhammer Fantasy Lore or just Warhammer fans, willing to give ideas or  join the writing team to help with the project!

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy Fan Project - The Last Incursion
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Good luck on your project!

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Re: Warhammer Fantasy Fan Project - The Last Incursion
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Interesting.  Keep us posted on how its going.

Welcome to W-E! :::cheers:::
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