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Boris Todbringer:
I play the same orcs and goblins army a lot, but have only one twice out of like ten times. Since discovering this site I haven't played them yet, but I would still like to rest easy knowing that I'm going in with this forum's approval. Here's their list:

Night gobbo big shaman (Knobbly staff- can reroll all dice for one spell/turn)
Little night gobbo shaman
Big boss on a boar with Porko's Pigsticka (Nasty item! Gets +1 attack for each rank I have.)
Big boss on foot (The general) with 1+ save and gr. weapon

25 Boyz with 2 choppas
20 Boyz with spears
24 Boyz with hand weapon+shield
24 Big Uns with hand weapon+shield (General's unit)
11 Boar Boyz (Big Boss)
20 Night gobbos with 3 fanatics (Both shamans in here)
15 wolf riders with light armor and spear (Not fast cav- still hard hitting.)
5 wolf riders with bows (fast cav)
12 Black orcs with two choppas
2 spear chukkas
1 rock lobba
1 Doom diver

My new army:

1 Elector count (general)
full plate +ench. shield
Sword of Power

Battle captain on Pegasus with lance
Scroll Caddie (lvl 2), heavens
Battle Wizard (lvl 2) with rod of power on barded horse, shadow

24 swordsmen (EC's unit) w/ Griffon Banner
24 swordsmen (Battle wizard) det. of 10 Free co.
25 swordsmen det. of 10 halberdiers
9 IC Reiksguard
3x 10 Handgunners marksman w/ long rifle
6 Pistoliers
Marksman w/ repeater pistol
1 Mortar
1 Cannon
1 Helblaster
12 Flaggelants

In case you were wondering, this is a 2500 pt game. Any suggestions would be welcome!

I have not mauch experience with Empire Army in WHFB, but I think some of my suggestion may be handfull.

Look like your opponent overhelm you with
1. Melee units.
2. Magic phase.
3. Warmachines amount.
Looks like he use ALL advantages of the Greenskins army.

But you list looks like did not use advantages of the Empire.
Suggestion to the tactics -
1. SHOOT as much as possible. Take many shooter.
2. Try to hold and slow opponent army (they are always slow due the animosity)
3. After entering into melee - pray and say CHARGEEEE to your knigths units and HOLD THE GROUND to the infantry.
4. Kill the shamans or pray for miscast.

Unit suggestion (without any "fluff"):
1. Drop the pegasus. I think the better choice may be captain BSB for the one of the your infantry units with banner of Sigismund.
2. Think about taking GradnMaster as Lord, not the Elector. That add to your knights more destructive power.
3. If you leave the Elector, you have two choices -
a. With unit of greatswords with Griffon Banner.
б. With your IC knights.
3. Think about change one of your wizard to the warrior priest of Ulric. Overwise, all that you can do with your magic - only dispelling. But priest add you some combat power + bound spell + same dispel dice + hate ws goblins. If you take the priest - of course join him with one of your units.

1. For the handgunners I prefer repeater rifle, but hochland is good too. May be you can drop one of the unit of handgunners. You should positioned them in 1-rank line, and I think that 30 handgunners + your other troops is too wide (except awesome hilll on your quaters).
2. Drop hallberd and free company
3. Drop one unit of swordsmen (may be even two). 24 - good size for them. Use released swordsmens as detachments.
4. One unit of sweet core knights???? Why???? Take at least one more. Size is variable. From 6 to the 12.
5. Where is your huntsmen?? Must be taken. Slowing enemy + good damage against low-armoured goblins. Don't forget - skirmishers (archers) can shoot from the non-first ranks and have 360 degree. Against greenskins - can be used also as detachment.

1. Greatswords must be taken. 15-20 with Griffon Banner. With detachment of swordsmen.
2. Pistoliers - good.
3. You have handgunners + hellblaster. Most of greenskins have light armour. May take 2 mortars - no LOS + huge template and damage against low-armoured. Or leave the cannon for shaman-hunting

1. Drop flagellants. Take one more Hellblaster. Or even Steam Tank (and roll them all). Or your can think about some DOW-ROR unit to add melee power to your troops (Ogres, pikes), or to slow the enemy (ligth cavalry, duelist). I prefer Hellblaster.

Albrecht von Hinkel:
Actually you need LOS for mortar.

:oops:  :oops:

After some analisys, I understand, that my suggestions ara valid only for defending army.  :oops: Greenskins can try to shoot/magic your from their defend position. For the advancing forces, you should think about somethins else.


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