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Rufas the Eccentric:
Mindless Rant:

A larrge portion of the Drakenwald lies within the boundries of Nordland.  Do we get any mention? NOoooo.  It's those brownnosers in Middenland and Middenheim that alway are the center of every GW plot line.  We get no respect.

Rant over  :closed-eyes:

Ahhhhh provincial envy, not a pretty sight in a man of your age. Still look on the bright side, less chance of Nordland getting burnt to a cinder or being overrun by chaos.

After all if they did cut the forests of Nordland down where would you get the wood for burning heretics?

Fandir Nightshade:
How is the campaign actually working ....all I heard till now was that I had to pay a whole lot of money I have to register somewhere ....who^s heads do I have to smash in I couldn^t find anything usefull on the german gw site.

If you look at the thread entitled Nemesis Crown Website that will tell you where you will need to go to register. However it is not open for registration yet, but you can select to add your name to the mailing list.

We're trying to really figure out how this whole thing works.  The Campaign site should open today (at some point) and we'll all know more then.  Until then, we're going off of speculation based off of a campaign run last year called Medusa V.  That campaign allowed player fluff which determined a lot in the outcome, or so I hear.

There shouldn't be any money involved, unless you're going to buy and paint some stuff.  Or maybe a local store of yours has a registration fee?  They won't be charging to register on the main site though, and you'll need to register once it's available for your battles to mean anything in the campaign text.  Also, if you're going to be fighting for the Emperor would you mind signing up in the recruitment thread of ours?  That way we can know the numbers we have and will be able to formulate effective strategy.

Don't worry, there'll be tons of heads to smash along the way.  Welcome aboard.


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