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Mission Statement - Our Objectives + Prelimary Regional Objectives

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Dendo Star:
I move that we make an Oath to wipe the floor with whatever Dwarf players we can.  From the day the Campaign starts to the very end, all Empire generals find Dwarf opponents and beat them stupid.

The Dwarf online community has shown they are nothing but simple Oath Breakers and have basically treated us very bad.  We must solve this the only way we can.  We must beat the Dwarfs in this Campaign.  There is to be no substitution for victory over the Stunties!  Take on Dwarf players and win! 

This is all non-Fluff.  No fluff shall be written to show aggression against Dwarfs or High Elves.  However, I implore that we make it our very duty to show Dwarf players what happens to Oath Breakers.  For the Empire, and all our brothers and sisters who play this game on the side of Sigmar EXTERMINATE DWARFEN PLAYERS WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.

My reaction using nothing but smilies....



Using my Not-So-Almighty Powers I smite the text concerning not attacking Dwarves, replacing it with the following...

- The Barbaric Dwarves have broken their Ancient Oathes, those they claim as sacred between them and we. In the name of Sigmar, Smite their forces from our lands.


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